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Oct 6, 2001 08:02 PM

Saffron, Truffles & Schezuan peppercorns

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Awhile ago there was a discussion of these subjects. As many of you do, I received an interesting Spice catalog called "Spices etc." In it the saffron was listed at $1,076 per lb.1! Of course, you can buy 1 gm. of the best for $5.50.
For some time Schezuan peppercorns (and French roquefort cheese) were banned from importation into the U.S. so I was glad to see them listed in the catalog along with Worchestershire powder (didn't even know it existed), & honey powder & vinegar powder. They have flavorings, dried mushrooms of all kinds and truffles ($300 per lb.) and they have oil, teas, sauces (including "Hellfire & Damnation"), pickled garlic, pepper mills, etc., etc. They even have garam masala, whole, so that you can toast & grind your own.
Perhaps someone has ordered from them? Good/bad service/quality?


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  1. I can make guesses about the banning of the French roquefort cheese, but why the peppercorns?

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      If I remember correctly, there was some bacteria concern about the peppercorns. Sorry, I can't remember the details.

      1. re: Kit H.

        Thanks. With that clue I can look for more info.