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Oct 5, 2001 03:15 PM

How to Chowhound

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I changed the title to reflect the question I have.

We all like to eat (duh) and to eat delicious things (again duh). While all of us can spot delicious once we taste it, there are thousands of restaurants in New York City alone (my home town); across the world, there may be millions!

No one can eat in them all! (nor would any sane person want to).

So, how do you spot delicious BEFORE you enter?

Anyone at all can go to high-end great places; anyone with access to this site can go to places recommended by others. But some people (a lot of them here) seem to have a knack for finding the places we would all like to eat in.

How do you do it?

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  1. This thread might give you some insight.


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      Vital Information

      Thanks for the link to the old thread, having arrived here only a few months ago, i wish i had a chance to chime in on that thread...

      but on a related but different question on how to chowhound, which are people more partial to, sticking with a dish you know is good, or always trying something new. or in a broad sense, do you want to spend all your chowing time working your way through the menu of a favorite place, or do you want to constantly try different places.

      me, i try and balance new places with repeat places, but i tend to more often than not to eat the same dishes. the perfect example is here in chicago, there is an old fashioned jewish cafeteria called manny's that i love. now if i worked in the neighborhood (like my grandfather) i'd eat there every day and get to try all of the daily items, but since i can only get there rarely, i'm almost always getting the roast beef sandwich.


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        "i wish i had a chance to chime in on that thread..."

        It's NEVER too late to chime in on ANYTHING!

        and it's also ok to start anew. So....get started! This was a really fun thread, and I'd like to have people's input. Maybe read through that one and reply here....

        1. re: Vital Information

          I always want to try new places, sometimes just random places that I see on the street. But my husband does not like that idea. He wants to know beforehand it won't be a waste of time or money.

          We live in San Francisco and are blessed with so many restaurants. We try to go to new places, especially since I found, but old favorit restaurants still get our business. Although I might go to the same restaurants I rarly order the same things. I like to try as much stuff on the menu as possible.