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Oct 2, 2001 11:29 AM

Thyme Ice Cream

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I experimented by making some thyme ice cream. I steeped six packed tsp of fresh thyme with honey in water, added it to the custard for infusion. Made about a quart.
My wife had low expectations and likes it ok. I had higher hopes and am disappointed. When I taste it, this goes through my mind: "vegetable", and that's not what I want in ice cream. Then, my mind engages with my palate and says "thyme", but it's too late. It just doesn't mix. If I were to try it again, I would add lemon zest.

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  1. c
    Carolyn Tillie

    Consider Tarragon, too. Because of its minty quality, it makes a very nice ice cream. I also infuse it into chocolate, before dunking candied fruit rinds into it.

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    1. re: Carolyn Tillie

      Ah, tarragon -- use it along with some anisette in or on top of your tomato sorbet. Make an infusion of the tarragon in simple syrup, combine with anisette and tomato puree, and freeze.

    2. Mmmm...spice cream... Well, I guess more properly, herbed ice cream, but nonetheless, yum.

      The day I found out about Douglas Adams' death, I wandered, heartbroken and snuffly around Jackson Heights blurrily thinking that maybe if I could find some sort of coriander kulfi treat, maybe my world would be a tiny bit righted.

      Well, obviously that little bit of cosmic cruelty remains unassuaged, and I never did find said kulfi (had to settle for a, well, seemingly butter flavored one), but I'm left with the notion that a frozen, coriander-spiced dairy snack would do the world a lot of good. Any chance of adding that to your development queue?

      The Thai place down the block from me has ginger and lemongrass sorbets that pretty much skip standard dessert cloy and go straight for the jugular.


      1. In Provence, my favorites were Thyme and lavender ice cream and an incredible tomato sorbet.

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        1. re: mimi taylor
          Chuck Kirkpatrick

          I would like to have a thyme ice cream (or sorbet) recipe. My improv was surely deficient. I've made lavender and it was very good.

          Anyone know of a recipe?