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Sep 24, 2001 03:46 PM

Brevas con Arequipe

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Just had for the first time some "Brevas con Arequipe", translated as dried fig with milk creme. The milk creme is actually soft caramel that's stuffed in the dark candied fig. Irrestible! Perfect with a cup of coffee after meal. Anyone else had them?

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  1. Sounds great. Where did you have it?

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      I got these in Sunnyside, Queens. Las Americas Carniceria on Greenpoint Ave between 45th and 46th street. I think I saw it in one of the Food Dynasty the other day, too, but am not sure. According to the packaging, they are made by a place in Corona, but when I tried to call that number, a little kid answered, and didn't know what I was talking about....