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Sep 20, 2001 08:01 PM

Good bye airline food - American and TWA

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From the San Jose Mercury News today:

"Both carriers said by Nov. 1 they will stop serving meals in the main cabin on most domestic flights, in an effort to cut costs as the U.S. airline industry loses millions of dollars a day in the wake of last week's airplane attacks.

The two airlines will also chuck the chow in first-class on domestic flights of two hours or less.

The airlines said elimination of meals includes flights to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and two-class services to Central and South America.

American, which on Wednesday said it would cut at least 20,000 jobs to stave off slowing air traffic, will still provide meals in all classes of its domestic nonstop transcontinental flights and its international flights to Europe, Asia and South America. All flights will still have beverages, along with a beverage accompaniment, presumably peanuts or pretzels.


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  1. Too little, too late - they were losing millions already - last week is unfortunately just the last straw. They'll have to think seriously about whether they'll allow passengers to bring their own meals, utensils, etc. - in light of last week's events. And on a lighter note, what will Jerry Seinfeld and other afficionados of airline food humor do for material?

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      small aside: While perhaps not common, neither do I think it is unusual for people (me included) to bring their own food on flights.