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Sep 17, 2001 01:07 PM

How long does Peanut oil keep?

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Last year, I deep-fried a turkey and I bought a 5 gallon container of peanut oil.

When the turkey was done, I strained the oil and put it back into its container. I even topped off the container with some additional oil so there would not be an air pocket.

This weekend we are doing an Oktoberfest and I want to fry another turkey. My wife insists I buy fresh oil, but I say this should still be good.

Does anyone know definitively whether peanut oil goes bad after a certain time (assuming its properly stored)?

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  1. I'd buy fresh, Bob. Not worth the chance of "tainting" your turkey. It might be rancid after this long.

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    1. re: Ann Leneave

      I agree with Ann. Get some more. Peanut oil does go rancid in storage, especially if it is not kept chilled (you dont say what your storage conditions are). I also have to imagine that the fact that it was heated and used for cooking degrades its keeping qualities too.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Some of the fat in there is turkey fat, which definitely can go rancid.

    2. Bob, there's also the risk that the oil is tainted with botulism if it's been previously used and lying around for that long.

      Get fresh oil.

      1. Remember that old adage: When in doubt, throw it out!