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How long does Peanut oil keep?

Bob Brooks Sep 17, 2001 01:07 PM

Last year, I deep-fried a turkey and I bought a 5 gallon container of peanut oil.

When the turkey was done, I strained the oil and put it back into its container. I even topped off the container with some additional oil so there would not be an air pocket.

This weekend we are doing an Oktoberfest and I want to fry another turkey. My wife insists I buy fresh oil, but I say this should still be good.

Does anyone know definitively whether peanut oil goes bad after a certain time (assuming its properly stored)?

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    Ruby Sep 17, 2001 08:24 PM

    Remember that old adage: When in doubt, throw it out!

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      2chez mike Sep 17, 2001 05:08 PM

      Bob, there's also the risk that the oil is tainted with botulism if it's been previously used and lying around for that long.

      Get fresh oil.

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        Ann Leneave Sep 17, 2001 03:40 PM

        I'd buy fresh, Bob. Not worth the chance of "tainting" your turkey. It might be rancid after this long.

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        1. re: Ann Leneave
          jen kalb Sep 17, 2001 04:21 PM

          I agree with Ann. Get some more. Peanut oil does go rancid in storage, especially if it is not kept chilled (you dont say what your storage conditions are). I also have to imagine that the fact that it was heated and used for cooking degrades its keeping qualities too.

          1. re: jen kalb
            ironmom Sep 17, 2001 10:32 PM

            Some of the fat in there is turkey fat, which definitely can go rancid.

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