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Sep 13, 2001 12:20 PM

Chowing and patriotism

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Generally, the goals of terrorism are to destabilize the target country's political system, disrupt and eventually cripple its economy, and demoralize the country's populace. No doubt we are, one and all, demoralized by this week's catastrophe. But everyone everywhere has also been moved by the uncommon resilience, courage, and selflessness New Yorkers have shown in the face of horror and personal tragedy.

Those of us in the rest of the country agonize over how we can help … indeed how we can cope. Bless all who have donated blood and will continue to do so. As chowhounds, we can also help by doing what we do best - eat. Although we may not feel we can stomach a delicious meal at this time, let's do it anyway. Restauranteurs and their staffs across the country are feeling our national loss of appetite both personally and financially. They need our support right now, and we could use the comfort of food as well. Let's pick up our collective phones and call our favorite restaurant - especially if it's a proprietorship that may have been struggling. If they're open, tell them you and your party will be there. If they're not open, encourage them to do so, with a future reservation.

If we don't keep the economy and private entrepreneurship pumping, the bad guys win.

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