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Sep 7, 2001 10:12 AM

Restaurants with romantic/mysterious names

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What happened to restaurants that made you want to dine there just by the sound/meaning of their name? I can't think of too many right now. One-word names seem to be the trend now and leave me cold such as Beppe, Craft, Ouest, Tappo, Town. Thom, and Bread.

The examples of names I've listed above have nothing to do with the quality of the food-just their name. I can't think of many places that have that mystique. The following names pique my interest: Balthazur, Pearl Oyster Bar, Danube, Dumont, dbBistro Moderne, Jewel Bako, Absinthe, Sugar Shack, Wild Lily Tea Room.

Any other Chowhound examples that speak of romance and mystery?

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    Jeremy Osner

    Actually I think my favorite restaurants tend to have decidedly non-enticing names -- e.g. Kabab Cafe, Krystal Cafe, New Green Bo... "La Espiga" is kinda funny-looking to this English speaker but I don't think it's a particularly alluring sound.

    1. Although this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, I have to mention the restaurant I saw while driving along the Maine coast this past weekend. A Chinese restaurant called "Yum Mee".

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      1. re: Andy T.

        At least the name "Yum Mee" makes one smile!

        I came across some old menus and matchbook covers my family collected and for me, these names sound much more intriguing than the flat-sounding names of NY restaurants/clubs in 2001:
        El Morocco, Stork Club, Quiet Table in the Corner, Colony Club, Stardust Ballroom, Le Toque Blanche, Le Champignon, Orsini's, Le Chantilly, Delmonico's, Sloppy Louie's, The Oyster Bar at the Plaza, and One Fifth (which I guess started the craze of naming restaurants with its street address).

        1. re: Andy T.

          Reminds me of a fabulous barbecue place that I HOPE still exists in Pawleys Island, SC (it's been a good 10 years or better since I've been). The owner is/was something Young. The name of the little nondescript building that served up sensational 'cue and sides from "Thursday afternoon 'til sold out" was Yum Young. In those days I was visiting PI every few years and no trip was complete without pigging out on Yum Young's fare.