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Sep 6, 2001 05:03 PM

Tibetan Yak Cheese Photo Essay

  • j

Awesome photo essay on yak cheesemaking in Tibet, by Jonathan White (formerly head of Egg Farm Dairy) via link below.


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  1. Speaking of which, do any Tibetan restaurants actually serve yak meat?

    The two times I've been to Tibetan joints here in NYC, I was disappointed that I had to eat incredibly overrated momos instead of some delicious stewed yak. Is the wish-granting beast available in America, or will Lhasan eateries continue to foist second-class meats like lamb and chicken upon us? Can D'Artagnan come to the rescue?

    1. This is really an inspiring project--thanks so much for sharing it. I admire Jonathon's compassion and humanity for sharing his stellar skills--I hope for great success of the project. Please keep us updated.