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Sep 6, 2001 04:34 PM

Guilty Pleasures Redux

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I know the LA board had a "Guilty Pleasure" thread as recently as June, but I didn't see one on the General Topics board.Interested? Mine: Pringles. Egg Foo Yung.

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    Vital Information

    shocking confession at chitown chowdown:
    i like cheesecake factory!


    1. Funny, I was just thinking of that today as I dove into my third packet of Fruit Loops fruit snacks. Totally fake, totally fruity and nicely gummy. Between these and Blues Clues fruit snacks, it'd be a hard choice for guilty pleasure #1. Oh--and Dots candy.

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      1. re: berkleybabe
        Caitlin McGrath

        Apologies in advance if you only like totally fake [g], but if you're into gummies, I highly recommend Kasugai fruit gummies. They are the size of a nickel (except some are heart-shaped), and have a perfect soft-but-chewy texture. They're not devoid of artificial stuff, but they are flavored with fruit juices, and most of the myriad flavors actually taste amazingly like their namesake fruits. You can find them at pretty much any Japanese grocery or large Asian supermarket for about $2 per 4-5 oz. bag, or at the online source below for $3. My own favorites are the muscat (soo good), the peach, and the pineapple. SO also adores the lychee. Warning: they van be highly addictive.


        1. re: Caitlin McGrath
          Jason Perlow

          The kasugais are great. I particularly like the muscat ones.

          1. re: Jason Perlow
            Caitlin McGrath

            Muscat's my absolute favorite. Welcome back, Jason.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Asian markets are a treasure trove of great snacks!

              Here in Northern Virginia we have several the size of ordinary supermarkets. The snack aisles are brimming with interesting savory and sweet delights.

              Also, if you are into packaging design and/or like to read labels, it's a feast for the eyes too.

              We also like the kasugai gummies but my real weakness is konnyaku jelly cups with the little square of lichee. You can get a big jar that holds about 100 of them for about 5 bucks.

              1. re: Bob W.

                " real weakness is konnyaku jelly cups with the little square of lichee." Just be careful--the FDA issued a warning that they pose a choking risk and many stores have stopped carrying them. At least 3 kids have died in the US. (This is not a bubbie meiser hoax).

                1. re: jenniferfishwilson

                  We have heard that too. Very sad that something so good can be so dangerous to little kids. Maybe they can reshape them or something to eliminate the hazard.

          2. re: Caitlin McGrath

            Sorry, Caitlin, I just now saw you 9/6 post. Actually, I think it is the kind of fakey taste I like in some of the fruit snacks. Only kind I think I'd like is really true citrus. Guilty secret, but true! Thanks for the heads up on the Asian gummies --might keep my eye out for them, but am thinkin too schmancy...

            1. re: berkleybabe
              Caitlin McGrath

              The orange ones do taste of real orange. These are definitely the Cadillac of gummies (and I suppose French pates des fruits are the Rolls).

        2. Barbecue Potato Chips. I can't stop eating them so I don't buy them.

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          1. re: e.d.

            There is something about bbq flavor, isn't there? I'm like you, can't stop so don't buy. I wonder do they sell bbq chip flavor by itself? Then I can sprinkle it on toast or something...

            1. re: Wendy Lai

              Try any good barbecue dry rub. It'll give you most of the flavor you're after. Remember that those chips are loaded with MSG, so you may have to add some to a rub to get the intensity of flavor you find in the chips.

              1. re: Greg Spence

                yeah, the msg, for sure....I wonder if citric acid, 'sour salt', might not be another part of the intensity formula...?...although I might be fixating on another addiction, sourcream & onion chips.

          2. Ho-Ho's and Ring Dings. There, now I can NEVER reveal my real name on this board.

            1. my guilty pleasure is popcorn sprinkled with Bragg's, nutritional yeast and this seaweed/sesame seed seasoning from some Jpanese store. It's my guilty pleasure because I will eat a huge bowl and will probably not share, no matter how nicely you ask. . . .

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              1. re: blandina

                You must be kidding us. Anything with "nutrutional yeast and seaweed/sesame seed" doesn't sound like a guilty pleasure. One word comes to mind when I think of them, and it is not yummy.

                1. re: Maria

                  No! My sister introduced me to brewer's yeast on popcorn, and it's really good. Try it! And the seaweed/sesame seasoning sounds like a great idea, too.

                  1. re: Cloudy

                    My mother used to force-feed us stuff like that: brewer's yeast, liver powder, wheat germ, soy flour... It only tastes like medicine to me. I don't eat food that you need to take its nutritional value into account to consider whether it's worth eating.

                    If you enjoy it, more power to you.

                    1. re: ironmom

                      I think it must be an acquired taste. I second ironmon's opinion. Having been forced fed all kinds of nutritial stuff when I was young, I have developed a strong dislike to most things that will be considered "healthy".

                      My guilty pleasure is fried chicken at KFC, however after reading the posts about Popeye's chicken I think I am ready to jump ship.