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Aug 31, 2001 12:03 PM

Crush--Lemon, Grape, and Orange.

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Since the opening page says that chowhounds are allowed to obsess about things like egg creams and Quisp, I guess it's okay for me to raise soda-pop issues. Anyway, I've tried to find out from the folks at Dr. Pepper/7-Up about their Crush brand, but I can't get anything but a stupid canned email response. My questions are these:

(1) This could go in the regional message board--where, if anywhere, can one find Orange Crush or Grape Crush in Iowa City?

(2) Is Lemon Crush still made and bottled anywhere? I've never had it or seen it.

I don't know about anyone else, but Orange Crush and Grape Crush are cherished childhood memories. All other products like Sunkist orange soda, etc., pale in comparison.

I know little about Nehi. How does that compare?

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  1. I've always seen Orange Crush all over (in the north- and southeast) but never heard of other flavors. Not a fan of fruit-flavored soda (except, of course, dry grape ginger ale!!), I couldn't help you find the others, but here's a tip: try one of those gas stations that have the really fancy stocked convenience stores. I've always found single-can brands of drinks that are hard to find in other places. You may have to try a few different stores, but it's a place to start. . .good luck!

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      I just wanted to let you know that I too am having the same problem with the folks at Dr.Pepper/7Up. When I called them they gave me the phone number for the nearest bottler. I called the Shasta bottler in Columbus OH and all they could tell me was that they sold it all over Columbus in familiar stores like Kroger, Wal-Mart, Big Bear, Super Value. I was born and raised in Fort Dodge Iowa so I love Crush. I was looking for Strawberry and Grape myself. I know that they sell them even the strange flavors like lemon and a few others in Canada. I might be able to find you some Orange Crush around here in and if I end up traveling to Columbus to get Strawberry or Grape I can look into Orange for you. Also, when I spoke with the bottling company, If you can find somewhere that sells IBC Root Beer they, that store, might be able to order you some in on a half order/ Half IBC the other Half Crush. I hope this helps. If you found out any other information about Crush please keep me informed.
      P.S. I also know of a Web site, you can buy orange, strawberry or grape through that site. Also family, and
      I think the prices are quite high. Would you please price strawberry crush in Iowa for me so I know if the prices I found are as outrageous as they seem or not.

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      Win (Boston)

      I'm not sure where you might find Crush in the stores, but I recall seeing it available by mail on this interesting site.

      (I knew I bookmarked this for a reason. Good luck!)

      1. Many of your questions can be answered by going to the site for Galco's Old World Grocery. They are a store devoted entirely to soda pop in glass bottles. I looked for Lemon Crush on their site but didn't see it. They do have Grape, Orange & Strawberry however. They also have Nehi and many other hard to find goodies. Check it out.


        1. I also have fond memories of Crush soda. But I am truly obsessed with peach Nehi. It is hands down the best soda I have ever had. I remember getting it out of vending machines at the little league ballpark where I played as a child in Arkansas. I live in Seatle, and they don't carry Nehi sodas up here. I was back in Arkansas for Christmas and found my beloved peach Nehi in a Wal-Mart store. You'd better believe I bought a 6-pack to take back to Seattle.

          1. Last month I was in Atlanta and went to the World of Coca Cola museum. They have a tasting room there full of soda fountains that dispense brands sold by Coke all over the world. My eyes bugged out when I saw Lemon Crush. It is every bit as yummy as you think it would be. I must have had about a quart of it!

            Unfortunately, if you want any you'll have to go to Bahrain to get it. (According to the sign...)

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            1. re: romeyn

              Wow, a revied 2001 thread.

              Actually, Lemon Crush is sold in Guatemala. My own opinion was that it was ok, but didn't knock me over ...7-up doesn't need to worry. That being said, they use sugar and not HFCS in GT which improves the flavor. THe Orange Crush tastes better also.

              NOTE: To the guy with the Crush soda blog ... I have your bottle of Lemon Crush from GT and have sent a few, so far unanswered emails. Contact me if you want the Lemon Crush