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Aug 27, 2001 09:48 AM

Stir-fry ground lamb, Chinese Greens and...??

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Got some ground lamb and some chinese greens in the fridge, so, one idea I had is to stir-fry them in a little olive oil together.

Any other suggestions, stir-fry or otherwise? I'm very fond of lamb in warm yogurt but am not sure how to keep yogurt from curdling and when to add ground lamb to it.

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  1. m

    slowly heat your yogurt in a double boiler, then just before you eat add the lamb.
    yogurt is very good with cumin,sugar and lemon zest too.

    1. There is a pretty famous kashmiri muslim dish involving ground lamb meatballs in a yoghurt based sauce called goshtaaba. I'll attach a link below to a recipe (IMO spicing is a liitle off in that recipe - I use a mixture of 2 parts fennel seed powder to I part ginger, and a pinch of chili powder)

      Kashmiri cooking involves a lot of yoghurt/lamb sauces and the issue of not breaking the yoghurt comes up a lot. What has worked for me (and was taught to me by my grandmother) is take the broth the lamb has cooked in, mix that with yoghurt slowly till somewhat watery (temper the yoghurt) and add very slowly to a just simmering pot.

      also there was a mini-thread a while back on kashmiri food on the international board that's located at:


      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I am printing them out. Years ago, there were some restaurants in the city that made the most delicious dishes with yogurt. Both with minced meat and one I remember with squash. They were so good. I'm pleased to have this recipe. And the info about the double boiler.

        1. Hi Lynn --

          You might think about making a quick ravioli/wonton filling with the ground lamb and chinese greens to serve with the yogurt sauce that you like. Maybe toss in some pine nuts for some extra texture? I haven't tried that particular combination, but have used up various ground meats and greens in this way. Good luck and have fun -- let us know what you wind up doing!