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Aug 20, 2001 11:27 PM

Books on Street Food?

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Are there any good books on street food?

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  1. There are a number that deal with street foods in specific countries, but only a couple general titles I know of:

    "Street Foods : Urban Food and Employment in Developing Countries" is pretty academic:


    "Street Food (Ryland, Peters and Small International Cookbooks)" sounds part of a series (which I haven't read):

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      Not strictly street food, but I just got a copy of Washington Post Weekend restaurant columnist Eve Zibart's new book _The Ethnic Food Lover's Companion_ (Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham Alabama). I have only had time so far to thumb through it, but it appears to have well-organized discussions of world regional cuisines, broken down into several countries in each region. Each country represented has a brief history, discussion of the cuisines, main ingredients, key flavors, main dishes, how to order in restaurants and cooking at home. If I were a computer genius, like many of the Chowhound posters are, I would include a link to or the publisher's website, but I'm not and so if you are interested in the book, you'll have to hunt it down. I got it at Border's, here in D.C. Eve Zibart, by the way, is our local version of Jonathan Gold, whose work I used to read in the L.A. Times.

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        mimi sheraton

        About 4 years ago, Harry N. Abrams published a small photographic book on Street Food...authors, I believe, were Nelli Sheffer and a chef named Avaroni..something like that..both are Israelis.

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          great, thanks! It's still in print, too. use the amazon link below:


      2. If you're interested in street food, check out the following link:


        1. I have a book by Rose Grant called Street Food. Gives a little description of each item and a recipe - more than 100 recipes for Street Food from all over the world. It's from the Crossing Press. Freedom, California.