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Aug 20, 2001 01:26 PM

How to roast macadamia nuts

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My grandfather has somehow obtained a large bag of raw macadamia nuts. Apparently, they are inedible. My aunt and grandfather have tried roasting them in a variety of ways, but none have succeeded in producing the rich, buttery macadamia nut we love and our arteries abhor. Any suggestions on what to do to these nuts to make them a delicious snack?

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    Jennifer Fish Wilson

    I sure hope they're already shelled. Macademia shells are so hard they're used in place of rocks for garden paths in Hawaii.

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    1. re: Jennifer Fish Wilson

      While the shells are used for path and roadway materials, the John MacAdam who the nuts are named after is not the same John McAdam who invented macadam paving.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Melanie: Have you ever considered trying out for Jeopardy?!? You'd definitely give Alex a run for his money!

        1. re: JenniferFishWilson

          I only have a chance if there's a category called "things you put in your mouth that are delicious".

    2. We use the raw macadamia nuts in chocolate chip cookies. Not easy to come by...

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        I shop at Trader Joe's for raw macadamia nuts

      2. While your question has promted some local wit from some of our darlings, you are still wondering how to roast the (shelled) nuts. Delicately, since they burn easily being so oily. I roast at around 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You might stir during the process. Remember, because of the hign oil content, they will continue cooking after you remove them. Give them 15 minutes to cool before testing. You may have to play around to get the timing right. As an experiment, you might try the microwave...tenderly, at first. Obviously, if they are broken, less time.

        1. We grow them here in So. Cal. I found some trees on a community college campus and the nuts were just hanging I picked them. My reward was spending a frustrating several days trying to crack the things. They are TOUGH.

          I ended up dropping a paving stone on them from waist height...and sometimes they would actually crack.

          Now I buy them when I go to Hawaii and try not to think about them the rest of the time.