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Aug 10, 2001 01:28 PM

Favorite Cheeses

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I love trying new cheeses and would love to hear a few of your very favorite cheeses to try. Thanks!

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  1. There was a wonderful thread started back on January 4 by Andy Huse on "favorite cheeses." By the time I finished reading them all, I had an encyclopedia on this topic!

    Go to SEARCH and type in "cheeses"--then go down to "favorite cheeses"--about three down on the list.

    Have fun at your local cheese shop.

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      Thank you very much for the Link. I couldn't believe how many responses there were to Favorite Cheeses. I'm going to be in cheese heaven! Many thanks, as I had not used the search feature before...I'm a new user as of a week or 2.

      1. re: Leslie T.

        Chowhound has a new sister! Welcome!

    2. On a recent bus trek out east some friends and I feasted on all sorts cheeses. My personal favorite of the lot was called Petit Basque. It's a sheep's milk cheese with a mild but full flavor. It has a medium to firm texture that cut well with a plastic knife. If you haven't tried it, I highly reccomend it. Enjoy

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      1. re: Mark M

        Today I tried the Petit Basque. It's wonderful, and thank you so much for the suggestion. I also picked up some Gratte Paille Double Creme stated to be Lauren Bacall's favorite, and a small wheel of Epoisses both suggested from the earlier posted link by Lynn. I'll try those a little later on. Can't wait to try more cheese! Cheers!

      2. One word. Three syllables. Velveeta.

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          Wouldn't that be favorite cheese-food? :)

        2. My favorite new-to-me cheeses are both sheep's milk: Manouri, a fresh cheese resembling ricotta salata from Greece, and Istare, a hard-rind Basque cheese.

          Both of them are fairly mild, but what I really love about them is the texture -- they seem to dissolve rather than melt; they have a completely different mouthfeel than other cheeses, less "sticky" or "gooey" or "rubbery" (not that I don't love those, these are just different). Is there a difference in the way sheep's milk coagulates, or is this my imagination?