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Aug 2, 2001 11:54 AM

What to serve?

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I'm throwing a little slumber party tomorrow night, and have invited all my girlfriends to revert back to a slumber party from 4th grade -- but add liquor.

I'm planning on doing margaritas and daiquiris at the pool and preparing for a late night ice cream raid, but am kind of stuck on what "real" food to serve at the party for supper. Maybe update a slumber party tradition and make homemade pizzas with sliced artichokes, vegetables, chicken, etc.?


This will be fun -- I'll be heading to the video store to rent sappy and scary movies. All of us are scrambling to find out sleeping bags, and our poor boyfriends and husbands are making plans to raid the party. It's going to be *really* goofy, but it'll be fun.

Blue skies,

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  1. What's a slumber party without Lipton's California onion dip? A fixture from my sleep-over days. The pizza sounds like a great idea--or you could chowhound it up and serve poutine....Great party idea, let us know how it turns out.

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    1. re: berkleybabe

      Pizza is the only "real" food you should serve. The rest must be junk of the worst and most delicious kind. I wholeheartedly agree with french onion dip and chips. Also Jiffy-Pop popcorn, Fritos, peanut M&Ms and Fudgsicles or ice cream of any kind (maybe some sort of sundae). Have a great time.

      1. re: Terri B

        Don't forget Pigs in a Blanket. And, Rice Krispy treats <-- I saw Martha Stewart add Cap'n Krunch and Fruit Loops to the mix.

        1. re: Nikel

          Please oh please oh please can I come? (But I'm bringing an air mattress, I'm much too old and fat for a sleeping bag.) You should buy some of those Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee (I KNOW I spelled that wrong) pizza kits. You know the ones with the envelope of crust mix and the big old can of 'pizza sauce.' Talk about memories.
          For breakfast I suggest lots of strong coffee and ibuprofin.

    2. Can't imagine a 4th grade sleepover without pizza. But you gotta have popcorn for those movies!! And if hte signifcant others have any sense of humor, they'll surprise you with a kidnap breakfast. (You know, where they rouse you at some ungodly hour, and take you out to breakfast as they found you, p.j.'s and all).

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        Emily Cotlier

        Don't neglect the morning after! Two options:

        1. Around 11 AM the next day, haul everybody to your favorite diner/casual breakfast place. Less dishes/fuss for you, a pleasant end to your party, and people can order their favorite hangover breakfasts....

        2. The next morning, with an earlybird guest or two, run out to a good local bakery and get donuts, danish, sticky buns, bagels and schmear, bialys -- the sort of breakfast people's moms wouldn't let them eat as a kid. Hack up a couple of melons, too. Set up the toaster/toaster oven, some paper plates, make coffee, and let people help themselves and recuperate. You may want to supplement this with some nostalgically sugary cereals and milk.

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        1. re: Emily Cotlier

          Assuming you are not too hung over, or perhaps because you are... Bloody Marys and Mimosas!

          1. re: Terri B

            If we weren't going to be skydiving the next day, I probably would whip up a batch of Bloody Marys. Of course, with the tropical storm coming in, the likelihood of actually jumping Saturday is looking slimmer and slimmer.

            Blue skies,

            1. re: Catherine

              "If we weren't going to be skydiving the next day, I'd whip up a batch......"

              Catherine, I didn't realize we had gone back to the "Favorite Last Meals" thread. LOL! Just kidding. I'm a thrill seeker myself -- tho, more along the lines of roller coasters and downhill skiing with little bumps and twists. I guess it's too late now to suggest a sleepover goodie, but for an easy pizza, I was thinking about English muffins with melted cheese and tomato sauce - a childhood favorite. Have fun. And don't go to bed too early!

        2. How can I get an invite?

          1. m

            hmmmm, i like the homemade pizza idea, but its alot of work to make it seemless. and iam sure youll want to have time with your friends aside from cooking.

            why not hire a chef to play "mom" then she can call you all inside for dinner. this will save you cooking and cleanup.
            then have her serve a "dinner" that you may have eaten as kids. ( modified to your current tastes as well)