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Jul 29, 2001 09:47 AM

Mayo Fear vs. Salad Dressing (Miracle Whip)

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What fun reading this huge thread. I myself like Mayo, of course it really should be Hellmans full fat version or homemade for my tastebuds. The thing I hate is Salad Dressing, you know the Miracle Whip stuff. Yuck what is it about this that tastes nothing like Mayo! I think it tastes kinda chemically. I can't stand it, a sorry substitute for real Mayo. I've often been surprised by a deviled egg or potato salad made with this dreck, and not in a good way. Am I the only one?

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  1. I never had it until I moved to CHicago for about 5 years. I would more often get miracle whip (a miracle anyone eats it!) than mayo and, believe me, I would SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR MAYO!!! I would return the sandwich and ask for another and if they didn't have mayo, I would have another condiment or change my sandwich to something I like without mayo on it.

    Miracle Whip (and all 'salad dressing' stuff) is ridiculously sweet and nasty. Of course, I have a friend (from the midwest) who loves the stuff and eats it by the spoonful (when no one is looking!). YUCK! Like him anyway, though...

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    1. re: Jill-O

      Down here in the south, people seen to have pretty sweet teeth. Since Miracle Whip has tons of sugar in it, it tends to be popular. I always hated my Mom's sandwiches but never knew why, until I tasted Hellman's. Sorry, Mom. Miracle Whip is just plain yucky. Ought to be banned.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          lol Speak for yourself. I live in Louisiana and we'll stomach it if we get it by mistake, but everyone I know likes real mayo best. What drives me up the wall is it's not always that clearly labeled, it'll say "dressing" REALLY small and my husband accidentally picks it up thinking it's mayo. Then we opened it and had some on a sandwhich and UGH! Not mayo at all!

      1. I'd like to cast a dissenting vote and express my fondness for Miracle Whip. I like it a lot. It is not supposed to taste the same as mayo, so I can see why it is a shock to some people when they get it on their sandwiches, but I really like the flavor it gives to salty or dense foods like bacon or cheddar cheese in sandwiches.

        I tend to like my foods sweeter, so I prefer MW or Cains mayo over Hellmans, though I like all mayos.

        One of the best sandwiches I ever had - stop making that face! - was a cucumber and plum tomato sandwich on fresh-out-of-the-oven white bread with miracle whip.

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        1. re: fladd

          I'm with you, John! While I generally use mayo (the sacred brand Hellman's at our house), I think a BLT is best with Miracle Whip. You hit it that that touch of sweetness combines well with the saltiness of the bacon. Spread on Pepperidge Farm toasted thin white sandwich bread, add the BL&T and I go to town!

          1. re: fladd

            Im with you. I grew up in a Miracle Whip home, in Ohio. That is just what we used to make BLTs, egg or tuna salad, etc. etc. Im not a big mayo user at all but Miracle Whip tastes just fine to me and is what I reach for when I make that type of item. In my home, unlike the typical NYers (who seem to be purists in these items), the egg or tuna salad is typically flavored up with mustard, chives, olives, parsley, dill, whatever, which dilutes down the mayo flavor anyway. American-style potato salad (also highly seasoned) is another place where MW works fine. In that case, eggs, onion maybe sweet pickle relish, paprika, french dressing, you name it are being added and there is a lot of tasting goes on - the "mayo" component is highly flexible.

            Obviously there may be dishes where the flavor of the mayo should be truer or where the sweetness is undesirable. In that case, Hellmans, which demonstrably is closer in flavor to homemade would be a better choice.

            But frankly, the "Hellmans Light" which someone advocated isnt all that different from Miracle Whip (which was developed as a lighter substitute for mayo in the first place.) Its regional brand preference which is working in this last case, I think!

            1. re: fladd

              Have you ever had a peanut butter, miracle whip, and dill pickle sandwich? Its actually really good.

            2. I love Hellman's and my wife prefers Miracle Whip, I HATE Mircale Whip, it is too sweet...

              1. I've lately been seeing a set of commercials for Miracle whip that seems to be trying to recast the product as hip and edgy. It's amazingly bad marketing.

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                1. re: Scrapironchef

                  Here on the West Coast it's Best Foods, not Hellman's, and I confess to liking Miracle Whip on two things only: BLTs and turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving. MW on one slice of bread and BF on the other. A holdover from my youth.

                  1. re: Scrapironchef

                    I've seen those ads and you are 100% correct.
                    Gives me the skeevies just to see the ad, let alone taste the MW

                    1. re: Scrapironchef

                      Have you seen Stephen Colbert's response to those "hip" Miracle Whip commercials? Hilarious!


                    2. I live in a divided house....My DH loves Miracle Whip and I prefer Mayo.....which is interesting because he isn't a big sweet eater and I find that MW has a sweeter taste while Mayo has an eggier taste just like Mayo should.