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Jul 21, 2001 04:03 PM


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Someone has given me a piece of what looks like tripe, apparently it is Kefir a fungus(?) that you put in milk to make some kind of yoghurty type stuff. I have also been given a piece of paper with some rudimentary instructions on preparation and some wildly improbable health claims, like it can help one live to 110.
Could anyone provide more level headed information, such as; is it safe?

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  1. It is safe, and very tasty. The claims of imparting longevity are probably false; they are based on the factoid that kefir is drunk by people of the Caucasus, some of whom live to advanced ages. Making your own kefir is like making your own yogurt: you will know (loud and clear) if it is "off". Don't drink it if you can't get within 5 feet of it without a towel over your face.

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      sounds like that Mel Brooks spoof - the 1000 year old man, who lives to be 1000 years old by eating yoghurt if I'm not mistaken...kefir, shmefir

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      Tatyana Gourov

      Yummy stuff! I found a link:


      1. Hi there, what you got are kefir grains, they look a bit like bits of cauliflowers.
        start out using only a cup of milk in a jar, put your kefir babies into it, and set it on the counter for about 8 hours. then strain through a colander to reserve the grains to use again and again, keep the kefir liquid in the fridge, but the milk with the kefir grains on the counter, in a dark corner. it might not make you live to be a 1000 years old, but I can tell you, it will do wonders for your health. good luck, Peter.

        1. Well, I see we've resurrected yet another ancient thread here..<snerk>...but I too have recently discovered kefir at an Eastern European shop that recently opened here in Naples called Camilla, great place!!! I bought a big tub of 2% kefir and then made some awesome smoothies with it for breakfast (added blueberries, banana, a little honey, ground flax seeds and orange juice) and I really love it...ounce per ounce, it IS cheaper than my beloved Fage 0% yogurt, which I still buy but not as much now. The live cultures in kefir are a bit different from the live cultures in yogurt, I've read. Anyway, it's GOOD!

          1. I drink the "Lifeway" brand here in the Midwest....I stick with the plain, but occasionally splurge for a Blueberry....keep an eye as most of the flavored ones have a high sugar/fat content....It has not stopped my hair from greying.....

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              yes, definitely better to buy the plain with nothing added...what I've read! Whole Foods sells the Lifeway brand also here in SW FL.