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Jul 16, 2001 10:34 PM

Baseball field salad success

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Follow up and thanks for all the baseball field/playoff game- in -the -hot sun, salad recipes. I did go with Greg Spence's suggestion of German potato salad. I used part of Greg's recipe and double checked with Joy of Cooking. Greg's proportions of vinegar/sugar were perfect. I made it "pure", just spuds, bacon and onions (green onions in this case, I liked the look and the taste). But then added chopped green pepper and chives per Spence--perfect! Not a spoonful left of 3 lb.s worth. Made a vinaigrette, no bacon/no sweet-sour, with course mustard and green peps (2 lbs.) and more than half was left. Was it the bacon? The sweet/sour that was alluring? The weird mustard grains and capers that were offputting? Who knows? Both went over very well with adults, but the German was clearly the kid winner. Thanks to all. Glad I did the spud salads --pasta salads, and *bland*, enough to coat your driveway!

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    Caitlin McGrath

    Berkleybabe, maybe it wasn't the dressing on the peppers at all, but that lots of kids like potatoes but are averse to green veggies; after all, you said the adults liked it.

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      Excellent insight, Caitlin. The German potato salad had green onions which kind of disappeared. Other had visible green crunchies--possible the culprit! In any case, both are tasty offerings for the future --nice break from the mayo/mustard style.

      1. re: berkleybabe
        Caitlin McGrath

        Well IMO a potato salad or pasta salad w/vinaigrette is the only way to go, because I can not stand mayo! But I know I'm in the minority on that one (hey, maybe it's genetic--my mom's the same way).

    2. Glad to hear it went well. Now grill some lobsters and try them with the truffled version. Outrageous!