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Jul 16, 2001 08:26 PM

Origin of suicide wings?

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As a lover of extra-hot food, I've always had a soft spot for Buffalo wings in heat levels of "suicide" and beyond. When I first drove through Buffalo last summer, I decided to make a pilgrimage, so I read up on the story of Buffalo wings and went to the Anchor Bar. To my surprise, their so-called suicide wings were poorly done -- not all that hot, and they used black pepper. I also had an order of medium, which were very good. But the experience left me wondering: this can't possibly be the place where suicide wings were first created. So where were they? When did Buffalo wings first make the jump from having a slight chili tang to the fully hot "suicide" status? Can anyone set me straight on this?


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  1. I cringe as I type the word "Hooters". This is were, I believe, they came into national popularity. However, wings were born in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar in NY with the cutisie story of nothing but wings, hot sauce, bleu cheese and celery left in the kitchen.
    How the grades came about, I have no idea.

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      I screwed up. I didn't read your post throughly. Sorry.