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Jul 16, 2001 04:53 PM


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Following the recommendation of "Saveur" magazine, i ordered a tin of Bakewell Cream from the source (you'll have to check out the mag for exact particulars-- though i'll get the info to any interested parties who Email me). Based on some cookies and cakes i've made, it really seems to be a superior product that results in baked goods with a very floofy texture, and tender crumb.

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  1. I saved that info but haven't done anything about it so I'm happy to read that you've had good luck with Bakewell. I do very little baking but I thought it was useful information.

    1. My mother's biscuits, which have always been delicious, moved into the realm of masterwork when she switched to bakewell cream a some years back. She has relatives bring it down from the Nor'East when they visit. I am not sure if she has ever used it for other baking projects...