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Jul 13, 2001 07:58 AM

Ice cream makers

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All this talk about ice cream is inspiring me to finally pick up a home machine. When I was baking professionally I used a Krups with lots of backup cannisters - the little machine worked hard and was dependable. I've seen a similar Cuisinart advertised recently.Are they much the same? An inquiry last year produced responses mostly encouraging the poster to indeed make her own but with few recommendations. Any favorites or stronger recommendations since then? What about those fine looking expensive beauties from Williams-Sonoma? Worthwhile?

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  1. We have the smallish krups and have been using it religiously, with no complaints. My one word of warning is to make sure, if you are using eggs and heating them, that you refrigerate the mixture for a long time.

    And though I'd never go back (too many traumatic childhood memories), some friends have a hand cranked one that seems to do better at making fruited ice cream.


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    1. re: ben fisher
      Caitlin McGrath

      I have the Krups (older model before the recent redesign, but mechanically exactly the same), which is great. My dad has had the Cuisinart model for a year or so and likes it; I think they're probably pretty equivalent. It's delaying gratification, but I've found that it works better to chill the mixture to be churned, whether for sorbet or ice cream, overnight. For any chunks, including fruit, it's better to add through the top after the churning has begun. Likewise anything alcoholic, so as not to inhibit freezing. A little corn syrup--no more than a couple of tbs. on account of taste, seems to make smoother, less crystalline, sorbet.

      I assume the $$$$ ones you're referring to in W-S are the pro ones that are $500-1000. If that's what Greg got for $50 at a garage sale, wow! If the frozen canister kind, he saved $10+tax [g].

      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

        I own a De Longhi, which I would not recommend. It seems to me seriously underpowered--meaning that the dasher stops turning in five minutes or less even though the ice cream making process is not complete. I'd like to know whether the Krups and Cuisinart have this problem.

        Also, what about the Dovier (sp?)? It's not electric so it shouldn't have the problems I have with the De Longhi.

        1. re: hobokenhenry
          Caitlin McGrath

          I've never had that problem with the Krups. I have a couple of family members who own Donviers, which I have also used on occasion, and they work fine. You do not have to crank continually, so it's not a lot of work, physically. With the Donvier it seems to be especially important to be able to freeze the canister very well in order for the ice cream to freeze up properly.

          1. re: hobokenhenry

            I had a De Longhi espresso machine that was hateful. I may still have it packed away somewhere and it will never be missed.The Krups machine I used was always dependable except when the kitchen was unbearably hot. No stopping, just not complete freezing .

      2. I've got an older version of one of those expensive
        W-S beauties and it is well worth the $50 I paid at a garage sale. I don't know if I'd be willing to pay full boat for one, but I do love it. One advantage is that you can go from hot custard to frozen in about 25 minutes. No ice, no salt, works great, works fast. Makes great frozen drinks, as well.

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        1. re: Greg Spence
          Brandon Nelson

          Amen on the drinks

          Try this. Puree some watermelon (no seeds, or use seedless) add a shot of pomegranate syrup. It's tasty, and a great way to beat the heat. For a more adult version add some silver tequilla or sake.


        2. If money were no object, I'd get a Musso.

 has this, as well as a couple of cheaper Il Gelataios on there site. (Although this is currently out of stock.) The site gets a payback when you go there and buy through the little window on the homepage, too.



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          1. re: ironmom

            Looks sleek. Why Musso over Il gelataio?

            1. re: Heidi

              It looks to me like a better machine. (Stainless, light commercial and all) It has a higher capacity, if that's important to you. (Big family, parties, small restaurant)

              But as long as I don't have the $$$ to buy either, why not lust over the best?

            2. re: ironmom

              It depends on how much money you want to spend,and if your freezer works well.I've used the Musso in a small restaurant,and it made great ice cream-it was a little difficult to clean efficiently.The machines with a cannister that you put in your freezer are ok,if you can chill the cannister really well,but I found the consistency of the ice cream to be a little uneven.The white mountain motorized machine makes great ice cream,but takes about 30 minutes to churn,and is really noisy....hope this is some help....

              1. re: M.K.

                If I had the money to buy a machine, I'd probably get an Il Gelataio. If you look at the reviews on the site, everyone was happy with both the Musso and the IG. I probably would get the better IG, tho. The one with a top-mounted motor looks kind of rickety.

                The Musso is very pretty, tho.

                1. re: ironmom
                  Christopher Oliver

                  I have the smaller IG model, and while I wouldn't put
                  it into heavy service, I'm using it nearly daily with
                  little trouble. My only gripe is that it's a bit of
                  a pain to clean the top if there's overrun.

                  Example frosty strawberry sherbet I recently made:

                  2 cups fresh strawberry puree
                  1/2 lemon - juice of
                  2 tbsp Chambord
                  Italian meringue made with one egg white (1.1oz wt)
                  and 1/3cup of sugar.

                  Fold meringue and liquids together and churn. Remove
                  from churn to freezer when mixture rises to top of

            3. The SIMAC Il Gelatio I have is 15 years old and still going strong, it used to be my mom's , its still in perfect condition and makes amazing ice cream. I'd highly recommend SIMAC to anyone looking for a machine.


              The model shown here is virtually unchanged from the model I own now, the design is proven and its built like a tank.