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Jul 12, 2001 05:24 PM

UN Endorses Genetically Modified Food

  • j

I fully applaud the UN on such a gutsy and bold move.

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  1. "I fully applaud the UN on such a gutsy and bold move."


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    1. re: Pan

      Because like many of the things they have done in the past , I fully expected them to take the liberal and waffly approach like they always do. I'm surprised they actually gave it enough intelligent thought.

      GM food is the ONLY way people in third world countries are gonna have enough to eat. Period.

      1. re: Jason Perlow
        Brandon Nelson

        I don't suppose you would like to credit your source that this is the "only" way to feed the world, or is this simply a matter of your opinion. You know Jim will want this to go to "Not about Food"


        1. re: Brandon Nelson

          What I REALLY would have liked would have been for you to post that reply in a new thread on Not About Food, rather than pointing out the inappropriateness of both Jason's and your postings here.

          The more I have to play thread policeman, the less time I have to update the site and to take very urgent steps to ensure we don't go the way of all those other's. I'm spending entirely too much time on moderation, and if regulars don't start pulling their own weight and self-police themselves and each other, this could easily all become too much to handle.

          Yes, it's semantically contradictory (it would take hours of programming to change our board names) but I'd appreciate it if scientific and political issues, even if nominally about food (but certainly unrelated to the chowhounding life), go on the Not About Food board, so we can keep this board more focused on chowhoundish topics. I realize there are some users who disagree with this policy. But that's the deal. I understand that it's not intuitive for newbies, but you regulars could pitch in with these sorts of issues.

          Please do NOT reply here. You're welcome to respond on Site Talk.


      2. re: Pan

        The address for the full report is See you on NAF after I've read it.