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Jul 5, 2001 07:15 AM

Coney Island Hotdog Eating Contest - a question

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Is is true that the winner ate 50 hotdogs
(with the buns) in 12 minutes?
That's what I heard but I'm finding it
difficult to believe.


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  1. Christina: I'm sure the results will appear in some NY paper, but just for fun check out this link. They'll post the results eventually, I'm sure:


    1. According to the Post's Gersh Kunzman (a.k.a The Homer of the Competitive Eating World), Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi ate 50 in 12 minutes, nearly doubling Kazutoyo "The Rabbit" Arai's record of 25 1/8 last year. For more info about the history of the contest, check out the immensely entertaining "Red, White and Yellow"--a documentary by Northern Lights Post.


      1. There was a short tape of him on the local TV news this morning. He ate 2 at a time, without the buns, and then ate the buns separately.

        1. I was there, Christina. The winner was amazing, and although there was a lot of publicity about the magic 50 level, what's more important is that Kobayahsi totally changed the technique used to eat hot dogs in competitive contests.

          He bit stuffed two at a time in his mouth, took a couple of bites to turn them into smaller bits, and then gulped down the dogs without chewing. Like a snake.

          Conventional competitive eating techniques won't work in the future. Will Americans adopt The Tsunami's radical approach, or will we have a separate "gulper's division" and a "chewer's division" in the future?

          See the link below for the website of one of the cooler contestants.