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Jun 26, 2001 12:08 PM

caffinated foods galore

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have you noticed the number and variety of foods being caffinated.
caffinated water, caffinated ice creams, caffinated mints.
of course here in the northwest we have ribeye steaks encrusted with starbucks coffee. and crab bisque enriched with espresso.

what i want to know is what foods would you like to see caffinated.and where can i buy caffinated cheeseee.
gotta gooo thhee coffeee is kickking in.

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  1. Why bother caffeinating anything? I want pure caffeine wrapped up like a mint!

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    1. re: Chef John

      yummmmm, me i need to find caffinated nicotine.
      then id be set.

      1. re: mrranchcuisine

        Caffeinated nicotine - what
        a great idea! Let me know
        if you find it!!!!!!!!!

    2. Caffinated turkey would sure change the Thanksgiving landscape!

      1. As a society we have become so used to caffeine that we don't even see it as a drug anymore. What amazes me is seeing 3 and 4 year olds slurping down cans of Mountain Dew etc. We have this huge official War on Drugs and at the same time we are routinely addicting little kids to the most addictive drug in common use in this country.

        Oh, and if you don't realize how addictive and how powerful caffeine is, try going without any for a whole week. No coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks etc. Bet you can't do it. And if you do, after a week off the stuff, pour yourself a tall glass of Coca Cola and drink it down. Your heart will race, you'll shake, and you'll wonder how we can allow something so powerful to be sold and served to children.

        1. Details please. I've never seen any of those things you describe, here in the Northwest. I have heard of caffeinated water somewhere online, but sure haven't seen it in town. And where are they serving those steaks and crab bisque?

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          1. re: Jill Redmont

            i think albertsons carries caffinated water or they did when it came out 3-4 years ago.
            the soup enrichment was at the combray restaurant by chef jim bressie in pullman and the last steak i saw done with coffee was at the staek house in potlatch idaho. any ben and jerry ice cream with coffee is cafinated. the pinguin mints are caffinated and very good, like altoids but with a kick.

          2. Well, I have had chocolate cheese before - there must be some caffeine in there! I'd love to find some of that again.

            Maybe a variation on the chocolate cheese? Mocha? Au Lait cheese?