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Jun 8, 2001 11:50 AM

The Last Meal

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Courtesy of Daryn, from the Pacific Northwest board:

>>This is the list of requested last meals from the texas department of criminal justice. It's a little morbid I suppose, but it's interesting to see what people requested. I can't begin to think what I'd choose, but they'd be running all over the city to put it together, that's for sure :)

What would be YOUR favorite last meal? I'm working on mine. I'll post it later on.



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  1. Tough reading. I got as far as the one who wanted only a jar of dill pickles and that was it for me! As for mine? I wouldn't be able to swallow. pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond
      Chris Armstrong

      Yes, I know it would be an emotional moment, and perhaps I too would be unable to eat. And, for the record, I'm vehemently against the death penalty.

      But in the event that all my appeals were exhausted, Bush was still in the White House, and I was still hungry, I'd request the following:

      1) A glass of iced mint tea from the Kebab Cafe in Queens accompanied by a small plate of babaganoush
      2) A tablespoon of homemade mango sorbet
      3) Two sashimi slices of the highest quality fatty tuna, price no object.
      4) 1 shrimp dumpling, one pork dumpling, two pieces of shortribs and three clams in black bean sauce, and several sprigs of chinese broccoli in oyster sauce. Must be from a banquet-style dim sum restaurant in the San Gabriel valley of Los Angeles. To be accompanied by a pot of one of the more expensive green teas for sale in San Francisco's Chinatown.
      5) Two tablespoons of tangerine ice from the Benfaremo's Lemon Ice King of Corona
      6) A selection of small italian appetizers, at the discretion of a chef to be chosen from a field of applicants at a competition on the prison grounds judged by five chowhounds of my choice.
      7) A half slice of Artichoke Pizza from DiFara's Pizzeria, all parts of which must be cooked by Dominic Himself, and a half slice of apizza from Sally's in New Haven, so that someone can finally make a side-by-side comparison. Accompanied by a small glass of Coca-Cola from Holland made with sugar, not corn syrup.
      8) An Italian beef sandwich from Johnnie's in Chicago, sweet and juicy.
      9) Two tablespoons of Johnnie's lemon ice.
      10) Three ribs from Kansas City, a small plate of brisket from Texas, a small pork bbq sandwich from North Carolina, all from relatively unknown spots; cornbread baked on the premises by a fellow inmate's mother, a fried chicken leg from New Orleans sitting atop a small plate of red beans and rice, accompanied by a fried oyster. Sweet tea on the side, no lemon.
      11) A huge plate of hand-cut double fried (in duck fat) french fries made from European potatoes, each approximately 2.5" in length, a third of an inch wide, and a quarter of an inch in height. Lightly salted with sea salt (from a sea of my choice) and matched with the chipotle mayonnaise dipping sauce from Bonnie's Grill on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.
      12) Freshly brewed Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk and wasabi-seaweed-honey snacks from Japan.
      Fifteen minute break
      13) Once carnitas taco, one cabeza-- from a street cart in East Los Angeles. Paired with a light, fruity Manzana del Sol.
      14) Fiery-hot green chile from New Mexico. I don't know how this should be served, but someone from there surely will. Also a cheese chile relleno and a half cup of pinto beans cooked with lard and salt pork, Dominican-style. Pitchers of tamarind juice and horchata nearby.
      15) Three tablespoons of canteloupe ice from Benfaremo's in Queens.
      16) The appearance of a tall, attractive Brazilian wielding a skewer of filet mignon, blood sausage, and two other select cuts of meat, to be sliced and dropped directly into my mouth while I am laying back in a lawn chair. There will be four types of potato salad from around the world (Brazil, Korea, Germany, and a Waldbaum's on Long Island, for its kitsch value), which I will be spoon fed. Light bossa-nova to be playing in the background. This will continue until I say so. Drink: some kind of fruit punch concoction. Tropical. Not too sweet. Chunks of fruit and rind intact.
      17) Coffee: a pot of freshly roasted Ethiopian bean blend selected by Dr. Illy especially for the occasion of my death, brewed by a Seattle barista, at least 25 years of age, at methods left up to his/her discretion. Served with one banana sticky rice and one taro sticky rice from Sripraphai in Woodside, Queens.
      18) A chocolate bar. From Belgium. Made by monks from an old secret recipe.
      19) A glass of domestic spring water from a creek. Served chilled.


      1. re: Chris Armstrong

        Chris: By the time your last meal had been gathered from around the world, there would be a new pres. and you'd get a reprieve!

        Good reading and good information. I've GOTTA get to Sriphraphi one of these days. Thanks. pat

        1. re: Chris Armstrong

          Now *that's* the way to make an exit, chowhound-style!BTW, I'll volunteer for the appetizer chef selection...

          1. re: Chris Armstrong

            That is my favourite chowhound post I have ever read! My mouth is watering. Thanks.

            1. re: Carolyn


              Is anyone collecting The Great Posts? I nominate that one. Jim, how about a book?

            2. re: Chris Armstrong

              I just changed my mind about one word replies.


              1. re: Chris Armstrong

                To die for, indeed.

                By why not a Mexican Coke, which is also made with sugar and is a lot more easily available? Dutch Coke strikes me as capricious, and none of your other requests sound capricious (at least, not from a chowhound perspective).

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  Hate to burst your bubble big dog but I'm looking at a Coke bottle from Mex. right in front of me. Ingredients? Carbonated Water, high fructose, corn syrup - no plain sugar. Asked a friend to bring me some back and was most saddened. Came from the Coca-cola co. Hechio En Mexico.

                  1. re: bryan
                    Jason Perlow

                    Thats interesting. Cause the last time I bought some about 6 months ago at a bodega in NJ it was sugar. It must be that specific bottling company.

                    Mexican pepsi is also made with sugar.

                    1. re: Jason Perlow
                      Chris Armstrong

                      Just about six months ago, the labels changed from "sugar" to "High-fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose".

                      I don't know what that means; in fact, I never know what to think when I see an "and/or" on an ingredients list, but I'll just assume they changed the formula.


                    2. re: bryan

                      NAFTA =

                      Necessary to Add Fructose (Truly Appalling)

                  2. re: Chris Armstrong

                    "Coffee: a pot of freshly roasted Ethiopian bean blend selected by........."

                    Coffee?!?!? Won't that keep you up?? (I LOVED the palate clearers after each course - nice touch for a last meal.)

                    1. re: Chris Armstrong

                      I couldn't find the limit for Texas, but apparently the Federal prison system has a $20 price limit on last meal requests. Wouldn't make for very sizeable portions of Beluga or Fois Gras. Sure would degrade the quality of that sushi as well. Thank goodness for cheap oysters and barbecue.

                      As for Mexican Cokes and sweetener, my understanding is that the individual bottlers generally choose the least expensive sweetener on the market and change the label accordingly. It's a dynamic process based on commodity prices.

                    2. re: Pat Hammond
                      Jason Perlow

                      I'm curious is McVeigh is a real chowhound

                      1. re: Jason Perlow

                        I think this whole 'last meal' subject is macabre and morbid especially in view of today's event.

                        Trust me, Chowhounds, I don't believe the majority of us would have the appetite to eat anything if we knew it was our last meal.

                        1. re: Ruby
                          Caitlin McGrath

                          I've read similar such lists of last meal requests that included what was eaten. Most ordered lavishly and ate little or nothing.

                    3. The thing that surprised me at first about the list was how basic the foods were. It would be easy to conclude that those are the only types of foods these people knew. However, I think if the most hard core chowhounders allowed themselves to go thier and think about it hard enough, thier last meal would also be basic.
                      I would find something that I was fond of eating as I grew up.
                      Oh,....and I'm for the death penalty.

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                      1. re: Shoeman

                        keep in mind, the last meal request is not a whatever-you-desire kind of prison official is going to hunt down specialty ingredients...most of the requests resemble what the inmates are served regularly in the prison cafeteria. i bet if i were locked away in rural texas and asked for, say, sashimi or something, i'd be laughed inmate requests are along the lines of what they know is available to them...

                        1. re: cj

                          I'm not so sure about that. Sort of a silly thing to be discussing, but I do think the prisons will honor any "reasonable" requests. I know for sure that the choices extend beyond the lunchroom. If there is a sushi place next to the last request DQ ice cream float, I think he just might get his last tuna roll.
                          Anyway, outside the whole prison thing, I still think if I knew I was having a last meal, it would be a simple one.

                          1. re: cj

                            It also appears that some things are prohibited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, such as alcohol, tobacco and...bubble gum ?!?

                        2. If I could have *anything* I'd ask for a 250 year old madeira from the late 1800s. That would guarantee that I would be around for a while. *grin*

                          1. What I would like would be to not know it was my last meal.