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Jun 7, 2001 12:45 PM

another POLL: favorite airline food?

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Granted, this may not go too far either, but I'm mighty curious about this. I do have to say I've had some mighty tasty meals on Delta lately (and if you're bumped to business class on an international flight, you'll have a 7 course meal! Always dress for 1st class, in case this is a possibility). One of the best cheesesteaks I ever had happened to be on a Continental flight, I kid you not. Also, Northwest used to have really tasty meals when originating from the west coast.

Airline? Class? Route?

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  1. "if you're bumped to business class on an international flight, you'll have a 7 course meal!"

    Up in first class, I hear, they only make you eat four or five courses. You gets what you pays for.

    Hospitals, anyone?

    1. m
      Miguel E. Gierbolini

      Anything across the Atlantic. BUT I would not call it "favorite." I would call it least offensive. This is a lower category than fast foods. On that account, Popeye chicken brings the best memories.

      1. I always try to bring my own food on the plane because I love all those envious glances from other passengers as they're downing their gloppy-sauced mystery meat, iceberg lettuce mess and I'm dining on my own delicious sandwich/salad/whatever. However, the booze isn't bad on planes.

        1. Sorry, Ive never experienced that 7 course meal in business class to or from Europe. Business class is mainly a bit roomier cattle car. Airline food is always going to be highly questionable, because of the cooking/heating methods used but the best of our recent experiences were with Virgin Atlantic. And of course the food coming back from Europe is going to be better than food originating in US commissaries. Which seems to be getting worse and worse.

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            Anil Khullar

            On Delta it is kind-of a 5 course meal on BizElite, and a tray in Cattle Class. CO & DL have moved to two
            class system. BE is much superior to Business in a three class of other Airlines. OfCourse they are not sleeperettes of AA/BA/CX/VS/SQ. But then F is much pricier that BE on those airlines.

          2. Relatively speaking (and this from someone who is OK with people liking some of the food at fastfood joints), the food on Air France is the most tolerable in my opinion (although perhaps that's the unlimited wine talking!)