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May 26, 2001 06:13 PM

Hotdog fillings (cont'd. from Manhattan Bd.)

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These two may be specific to my taste, I'm not sure. But since I love beans and franks on their own, I've discovered that I like a grilled hot dog with well-spiced baked beans spooned on top and some minced onions on top of that. This goes in a grilled hotdog bun, of course. I also like to score the hot dog in three or four places and insert slices of a good sharp cheddar in the slashed placed to melt while grilling. More onion, pickle relish and catsup. Pat

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  1. Hush! You're makin' me hungry! ;-)

    1. Aha!! Maybe not so stupid after all!!
      Thanks Pat!

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      1. re: Stephen Tait

        Good for you! While you were having a look around, I was sending you directions. Pat

      2. Pat: I shouldn't offer advice -- seeing as my own thread is again dead in the water -- but may I suggest you change the title of this thread to "Hotdog toppings"? I love baked beans on a hotdog, but I thought you were going to talk about FILLINGS here, which would fascinate me far more. So far I've seen cheese, ketchup, and jalapenos. IN the dogs. Any others?

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        1. re: Eric Higgins

          Anyone can change the subject line when replying to a post. Just change what's in the subject window above your post.

          BTW, it would be cool to punch out the center of a hotdog and pack it full of, um, filling. Some sort of mustardy cheesey goo that solidifies slightly on cooking sounds really good.

          1. re: ironmom

            Thanks, Ironmom. Changing a subject line is easy, as you illustrate, but not usually advisable, unless the subject matter has really begun to drift. In this case, perhaps it will give Stephen-from-Scotland more replies, 'though I found his original wording to be charming. Pat

            1. re: ironmom

              Bacon on top! How could I forget bacon? pat