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May 18, 2001 09:43 PM

Best sites for recipes (cont'd. from LA)

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Lots of goodies and some are quite unusual. There may be some slight overlap here from those already mentioned. pat

Link: http://chowhound.com/links.html#cooking

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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      Thanks to you, too, Nancy.

    2. Thanks a lot, Pat. I just spent 2+ hrs. flipping from web site to web site on "sites for recipes". Absolutely fascinating but VERY time consuming. Is there some way to hang on to that list so that when I need it I can search?

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      1. re: Kit H.

        Kit, If you're referring to the link I provided, it's a permanent fixture on the homepage. Look down the side bar on the left until you get to "Other Chowish Sites", click on it and go to the link for "Cooking". If I've misunderstood your question, have at me again! pat

      2. I've searched many, many recipe sites and I ALWAYS return to my very favorite one, epicurious.com. Still think its the best all around cooking site.