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May 16, 2001 09:55 AM

English Cheddar and wine

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Could anyone suggest an appropriate wine to go with English farmhouse cheddar cheese. The complete meal will consist of bread, wine, and cheese.

Thanks in advance.

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    Josh Mittleman

    I'd actually prefer beer with a good cheddar, preferably a good, rich ale. However, if you want wine, I'd recommend something with at least a little sweetness, ranging from a reisling Kabinet to a true dessert wine like a Muscat Beaumes de Venise. If you add some fruit to the meal - strawberries or pears -- then the reisling would be perfect.

    1. I'm no expert, but my personal preference would be to go with a good tawny port.

      1. How about a glas or two of a fine English Ale, served cool but not cold, Say Samual Smiths, Timothy Taylor,Fullers or Youngs, all would be good. After all its what we Brits would produce to go with the cheese.

        I might also add that a few sticks of celery, some radishes, some pickled onions and a decent pickle and you'll have feast fit for, well a king.

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        1. re: Phil Laurie

          Hi Phil,

          "and a decent pickle"...

          Are you referring to pickled cucumbers, or something more akin to the likes of "Branson Pickle (the chunky crunch)"?

          I was introduced to Branson pickle a few weeks ago, at the home of a British friend here in Tokyo. We had it with aged English cheddar, and bread. I was absolutely blown away by this stuff. It is a wonderful condiment for the cheese! Unfortunately, in my gastronomic revelry, I failed to look at the ingredients label. The good news is, when he goes back to England next week to buy supplies for his new pub, he is going to bring me a few jars.


          1. re: Andy P.

            I don't know where you are, Andy, but Branston Pickle is available at most shops selling either British or Irish imported foods. I've even seen it in some supermarkets in the NYC suburbs that have large imported food sections.

            With a little effort you could probably make it yourself. A fast Google search yeilded several recipes.