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May 14, 2001 10:49 AM

Aversion to meat after seeing a movie?

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Did anyone ever have anything like this happen to them. I JUST remembered this after seeing Wingspan on Ch. 7 Friday night. Around 6 years I won tix to a Paul McCartney concert in Philly. It was an outdoor show and there was a movie before it. The movie mostly featured environmental concerns and had a music background. There was a deludge of scenes rapidly flashing.
The strange thing was that after the concert for about 5 months I had an aversion to eating meat! I thought about it and the only thing I could think of was that somewhere in the film there might have been a subliminal message that caused this reaction in me. Strange but true... I am susceptible to ad's, if I see something tasty on TV I'll usually crave it later. Anyone else ever experience something like this, it was a first for me.

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  1. I was watching a television show once about a hypnotist in Boston who had great success with helping people quit smoking. They even showed him conducting a session. At that time I was a serious smoker. After the show was over I found I had absolutely NO desire to smoke! Of course, skeptic that I am, I decided it was ridiculous and lit up. I've often wondered if I'd just trusted my reaction and not smoked, if I'd have been "cured"! Not really subliminal, as you suggest, but interesting to me, nevertheless. pat

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      I could understand one's aversion to meat after seeing a Hannibal Lechter or Jeffrey Dahmer movie, but not this!

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        Michele Cindy

        There were some scenes with whales being slaughtered and I recall lots of blood. Since Paul's so active in the animal rights movement, I thought it might not be such a far fetched idea.