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May 12, 2001 06:07 PM

Food web pages

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Can anyone recommend some good food web pages? I was surprised that Chowhound's "Other Chowish Sites" (and a search of Chowhound) didn't list, which has (IMHO) a superb dictionary of ingredients and substitutes. Also SOAR is now known as RecipeSource ( - also not reflected on the Chowish Sites listing. For fish information, check out the FDA's Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (

Any other recommendations?


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  1. Tim,
    Just saw your question and am surprised there was no response. This one may be so buried you may never see it, but I wanted to mention a couple of unusual sites I've found. One is Milioni Magazine (for Italian food), and the other I ran across on the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market site ( that's San Francisco)). It's a collection of recipes from one of the vendors, and I believe it's called Ditty's Sunday Supper. Sounds kooky, but some of the recipes looked very interesting.