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May 9, 2001 11:18 PM

Cold things served hot & vice versa

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Reading the recipe of the cold Japanese ramen/noodle soup led me to think of my own aversion to what I think might be liquids served cold/hot that I could only think of eating hot/cold. I find iced coffee repulsive; barely can drink iced tea and dislike any kind of cold soup but gazpacho (which is really chunky tomato juice, no?) Hot broth/boullion, OK --chilled aspic -yech. Cool fruit soups leave me cold, as do most savory chilled soups. Any other 'hounds have this distinction in temp aversions?

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  1. Our first fight. Love fruit soups. Adore cold savory soups. And there's a recipe in one of Marion Cunningham's cookbooks that may change your mind. It's buttermilk and mashed shirmps. Sounds repulsive but it's delightful on a hot summer night. With you on the iced coffee however. Agin ya on the iced tea. I even drink it during Chicago winters. What about veggies? Asparagus a la greque, etc. Room temp. or cold seems right to me, rather than hot. Even some frittatas and omlettes are tasty room temp or slightly chilled. Babe?

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    1. re: barbara ryan

      Hmmm, Andy and Bryan you've given me food for thought (sorry!) Room temp vegs OK. Cold steak, and worse, lamb - not OK--that cold fat gives me the creeps and makes my mouth feel coated. Paper thin roast beef, cold or carpaccio, OK. Cold pizza, OK. Ditto on the yucky cold pasta with Andy. Frittatas OK but prefer warm. Cold toast with cold butter --an insult! And sorry, Bryan--cold soups, can't go there! Still friends?

      1. re: berkleybabe

        Thanks! I should have mentioned that with cold steak, prime rib, lamb, etc... I definitely remove any chunks of solidified fat before eating. The same "coated mouth" feeling that you described does give me the heebie-jeebies. If the meat is nicely marbled throughout the grain (e.g. Kobe beef), chances are that the meal didn't make it to the "leftover" stage.


    2. Hi Berkleybabe,

      Great post! It started me thinking. (Ouch!)

      I really despise anything in which the lettuce isn't cold, and crisp. I've got no problem with cabbage, spinach, kale, greens, etc. Warmed, or even room temperature, lettuce just gives me the willies.

      Also, I prefer cold/cool salsa. For me, warmed/heated salsa is just gross.

      As a subset, how does everybody feel about leftovers?

      No: Cold Chinese food
      Yes: Cold yakitori food

      No: Cold spaghetti, linguine, zitti, canaloni, etc...
      Yes: Cold macaroni and cheese. (I know, not an "Italian Dish" dish).
      Absolutely Love: Cold pizza, along with a glass of choco. milk. (My favorite breakfast). For some reason, every Japanese girl I've ever known is absolutely repulsed by the thought of eating cold pizza. Go figure.

      No: Cold cooked hamburger patties.
      Yes: Cold cooked steak, prime rib, etc.

      No: Cold cooked potatoes.
      Yes: Cold cooked rice, grits.

      Any others,


      1. None of the items you mentioned bother me much, but I do have some temperature sensitivities:

        Iced coffee: Fine
        Hot coffee: Fine
        Room temperature coffee: ICK

        Soups meant to be hot should be hot, not room temperature; soups meant to be cold should be at least cool.

        Cold pasta, which has been mentioned: Also ick.
        Cold pizza, and cold mac and chesse, which find favor elswhere, I find icky.

        Beer: Depends on the type of beer. Stouts and porters are, IMHO, best cool, but not cold. Lagers and pilsners are best really cold.

        Any fried food should be HOT.

        That's what comes to mind

        1. BAD:

          lukewarm/room tempature coffee
          warm beer (sorry brits, you suck)
          room tempature vodka when imbibed straight
          cold pizza eaten right out of the refrigerator
          cold french fries
          cold hamburgers
          cold kasha varniskes
          room temp white wine
          cold red wine (with the possible exception of pinot)


          iced coffee/iced tea
          hot cider
          freezing cold vodka
          cold pasta salad in vinagrette or pesto
          cold or room temp chinese sesame noodles
          taboule and couscous cold
          cold potato salad
          pizza out of the fridge allowed to warm to room temp

          1. My dictum is simply:
            1. Soup hot
            2. Salad cold
            3. Never fry anything containing chocolate
            4. If they can dilute our fine wine with soda pop in their country, why can't I put sugar in their fine tea in my country.

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            1. re: Pete Feliz

              Totally agree with # 1-3, but expect there's a story on #4! :)

              1. re: berkleybabe

                I can only drink tea if it's sweetened. I am ashamed of myself, but there it is. After years of dirty stares, I've now taken to sneaking sugar packets with me into Dim Sum Parlors. But one day I was caught, and they took my chopsticks away from me and refused to serve me chicken feet.

                1. re: Pete Feliz

                  Pete, That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. No chicken feet; now that's harsh! pat