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Apr 27, 2001 01:34 PM

Need a molcajete and can't find one!!!!

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Does anyone have an idea where I can find a medium size molcajete for cooking at home? I've asked Mexican friends, to no avail, and searched the net - but only found outlets where I had to buy at least a dozen. Any ideas? (NYC) Thanks!

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  1. Try The Kitchen at 218 Eighth Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets in M'hattan (212) 243-4433. Last time I was there they had lava molcajetes, so if they don't have them now, they'll be able to get you one. Great resource for Mexican/Southwestern ingredients.

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    1. re: Tom Steele

      also...the sant fe cooking school sells them mail order...yes in sante fe, NM

      and Adriana's Caravan also has em mail order.

      1. re: fusilli

        Try William Sonoma, I saw one in last month's catalog for 30-40 dollars. Good Luck!

    2. I bought mine on eBay for about $8.00 and it's perfect. I'd try there first.

      1. What is a molcajete?

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          Yolanda Arellano

          Any latin american market will have one, and yes quality does make a difference. When you buy one made from lava rock which gives the best flavor to your foods make sure it is dark, my mexican mother in law says the darker the better. It means when you are grinding your salsas you will not have pieces of the molcajete in your food.
          Yes you can buy them on the internet but what is to insure the quality. I picked up a really nice one on vacation in Mexico for a couple of bucks but I have seen them at quite a few latin american stores

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            I've found molcajetes more to be a psychological than functional tool, unlike cast iron. Way too much time using rice to get the damn thing to a useful patina, as it were. I didn't find they really improved things noticeably. So my vote is: inherit a well-used one, or don't bother.

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              We ordered guacamole in a restaurant somewhat famous for its tableside preparation (or at least that is their opinion). It was great. I decided to touch the molcajete to see what it felt like and was flabbergasted to discover that it was made of look-alike plastic. It certainly fooled me and my dining companions.

              It does make sense if you think about it -- no pieces of rock in the food and easy to clean. So, I wonder -- is it REALLY better to use a molcajete? These people seemed to manage just fine with a plastic version that is really nothing more than a textured, wider mortar and pestle. In fact, they used forks to smash the avocado, if I remember.

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              Arthur Burgess

              I want a molcajete that is at least 3" to 5" deep and 7" or 8" round if it can be of lava rock. Is there a place to get one. Thank you Art