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Apr 20, 2001 10:18 AM

Vinho Verde [Moved from General Topics]

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I really enjoy this "green wine" from Portugal this time of year. Can anyone make specific recommendaations as to producers? We've been enjoying Casal Garcia for the most part.

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  1. I drink the Casal a lot but if it's not in tock I experiment like crazy. The Portugese place on way west spring street has a big selection. You might also want to try the Alvarinhos from Galicia(espana) and from Portugal. Different yet similar if that makes any sense.

    1. I'm a Casal G guy myself, but when that's out, Gazela is a pretty good runner-up.

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        We like the Aveleda by the same producer, Quinta da Aveleda. We first enjoyed it at a favorite Vietnamese restaurant when we were still in school and unlike many other then favorites, this one has endured. Now it is our official boating wine and continues to be a great choice to serve with spicy Asian foods. Interestingly, I usually buy the Gazela when introducing Vinho Verde to friends. Let's face it, people respond to packaging and the Gazela bottle is far more attractive than some others. I also find that people who think they don't like wine or who typically only drink hypersweet mass market crimes against the palate are more likely to enjoy Vinho Verde than anything else I offer.

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          I like Aveleda better than Gazela. Aveleda's slender bottle is quite attractive, I think. It is $5.99 at Astor Wines in Manhattan. Almost as good is Espiral from Trader Joe's at $3.99!!

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            You really don't need to rub it in. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where all liquor stores are state owned, I pay $9.99 for it, which is far easier to accept than the fact that I can only find it a few times a year!

            (end of rant)

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              I'm a big fan of Aveleda and think it is MUCH better than Casal Garcia. Gazela is twice the price and not as good as Aveleda, IMO.

              Last year I was really into vinho verde. Here's some of my tasting notes as part of a larger thread. Aveleda also does one of the few vintages vinho verdes that I liked and thought was worth the price.


        2. the best I've had for a long time has been 'C. Mendes' which I bought from Wholefoods in Vienna VA. It is more redolent of the VV I've drunk in Portugal than the brands more commonly available. I believe it was $6.99 the bottle.