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Apr 6, 2001 08:29 PM

Cake decorating part TWO!

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Hello all!

Me again, I have the design of my wedding cake picked out. I have the pans, cutters, boards, dowel rods and recipes. Buuuut, with every Fondant recipe I find that in order to apply it the cake must be covered in marzipan first to protect the fondant from moisture. Though sponge cakes don't need it fruit cakes do. I am not making either, this cake isn't dry though I don't think it is that moist as to warrant needing marzipan. How can I tell? Marzipan is expensive and I would like to get around buying it, making it, and using it.

I love the ease of fondant, and that I can paint on it.
Can I apply something else to help the fondant stick without ruining it with too much moisture?

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. You can use a basic buttercream to frost the cake before putting the fondant on. In Berenbaum's (sp?) "The Cake Bible" she gives several recipes for buttercreams-Classic buttercream and Neoclassic buttercream, a much easier version (corn syrum is heated, as opposed to cooking a sugar syrup.) There is also a recipe for a buttercream that can stay at room temp. for 3 days, great for a wedding cake with fondant. When I have made wedding cakes with fondant, I make a white chocolate modeling dough and knead it into the fondant. It tastes much better that way and doesn't change the consistency.

    1. Are you using rolled fondant or poured fondant?

      Poured fondant can be used over a cake that has been brushed with a fruit glaze. Use jam or preserves (not sugar free) in an appropriate flavor (usually apricot, raspberry or red currant). Sieve the jam, heat it to boiling, add a few Tbls of a complimentary liquer or water or lemon juice, and brush it on the cake while it is still hot.

      The only time I used rolled fondant I remember that the cake had buttercream, but I don't remember if it was iced or just filled with it. Check Rose Levy Beranbaum's "The Cake Bible", the recipe for 'Dotted Swiss Wedding Cake' to see how it is done.