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Apr 5, 2001 09:06 AM

ISO Paella recipe

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I'm having a dinner party, Saturday, and have decided to make Paella. Can anyone direct me to a good recipe? I'd also appreciate comments on the various types of rice that are used to make Paella.

N.B. Rabbit and snails will not fly with this audience.

Thank you.
Erik M.

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  1. There is a good Paella recipe in "Feasts for All Seasons " by Roy Andre De Groot and you might want to pair it with one of the BEST Gazpacho recipes (Sevilla style) I've ever tasted ; which is on the next page.
    I always make paella with Arborio rice and It's moe better to use the correct pan called a Peallera.
    You can often get an inexpensive one (shallow Pealla pan) at a bodega or spanish supermarket, you can also use a shallow clay pot.
    Have fun. It's always a crowd pleaser.

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      Dr. Julius Kelp

      Penelope Casas, in her "Food & Wines of Spain," has numerous good recipes. She is, in my opinion, the best English language Spanish cookbook author. Not surprisingly, there are even more recipes in her book "Paella." As for rice, any rice suitable for risotto will work. Using the proper pan is essential for the success of the dish. Too deep a pan will stew the rice, at which point it becomes starchy and porridge-like. Remember that paella is the antithesis of risotto. Paella is unstirred, and the resulting rice is distinctly formed and drier than risotto.

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        Thank you Dr. Kelp and scottso.
        I will check yr recipe recommendations. I have a Calphalon paella pan which, however far from the genuine article, has worked for me in the past.
        I was curious to hear opinions on rice, as I was just introduced to Calasparra.

        Erik M.

        1. re: Erik M.
          Dr. Julius Kelp

          I have not been introduced to Calasparra. What is it?

          1. re: Dr. Julius Kelp

            Dr. Kelp, I sincerely appreciated yr suggestion for the recipe book. I wasn't able to track it down in time, though. [Its on order.] I came across a paella recipe in the book, Rice, by Clare Ferguson. I must say that I was extremely pleased with how the paella turned out. It called for mussels, squid, shrimp, prawns,chicken, and chorizo.
            As for Calasparra... I'd just recently read about it. Apparently, its considered the best rice to use for paella, as it absorbs significantly more liquid than Arborio rice. I was able to find it at Sam's Liquors, here in Chicago. I highly recommend it.

            Thanks for the discussion.
            Erik M.

            1. re: Erik M.

              My understanding is that paella was originally a sort of campfire dish, so in appropriate weather I do mine outdoors on the barbecue. I put the pan on the grill and as my meats and vegetables finish on the grill, I add them to the paella at appropriate times. The exception, I guess, would be peas.

              1. re: Greg Spence

                I'd thought about the grill, but my paella pan is too big. To give it a smoky flavour, I used "La Chinata" Smoked Paprika.

                Erik M.

                1. re: Erik M.
                  Christine Llobregat

                  Followed w/ interest your discussion of paella tips. I am Catalan / Valencian living in the Seattle, WA area, and would be happy to answer questions about paella. Authentic pans and rice (calisparra is good, but the "bomba" type is best -- never use arborio type) are available at The Spanish Table store in Seattle (I don't not work for them, I'm only a very regular customer!) I am a purist about paella ingredients and cook it only over a small wood fire outdoors. Propane gas rings are the only other substitute that comes near.

          2. re: Erik M.
            Dr. Julius Kelp

            Sorry,Erik, if I came on like a know it all. When you were asking for recipes, I assumed, erroneously, that you were a neophyte to the joys of paella. In any event, you have inspired me, and we have revised our family menu tonight and will be making a squid and shrimp version -- an adaptation of a, no surprise here, Penelope Cases recipe.

        2. Go to I was looking for a great recipe also. I made the Seafood Paella and it was wonderful. I didn't have a paella pan, so I just used a regular one- a large skillet works well also. Good Luck!