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Apr 1, 2001 11:28 PM

Wanted/Needed/Yearned For: Pomegranate Wine!

  • j

Been meaning to post this for the longest time. Georgians (yogurt Georgians, not spoonbread Georgians) make pomegranate wine, which is allegedly one of the most delicious nectars in the entire world, and also one of the most labor intensive since you must peel and seed each and every pomegranate kernal.

I've had people tell me emphatically that the stuff is not available in this hemisphere, and that even in Georgia it is rare and expensive. Needless to say, such statements only fuel my desire.

Anyone know where to get some? Anyone have a grandma back in Georgia who might send some?

Feel free to email if the answer is confidential.


ps--Oh, and if the Georgians make it, the Azerbaijanis probably do, too.

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  1. j
    Jennifer Fish
    Know nothing about it but apparently Zanger Vineyards in Hollister (?!), California makes pomegranate wine. Also found a lot of pomegranate wine recipes on Google. (Speaking of pomegranates: Narsai David makes the best marinade for lamb--Narsai's Assyrian Marinade. It's great and I'll do anything to avoid juicing pomegranates--what a mess!)

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    1. re: Jennifer Fish

      Thus quids the pro quo!


      next question: anybody know which is the BEST pomegranate wine? (ggg)