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Mar 27, 2001 08:39 AM

Anyone check out lately?

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They have a message board, and there are some seriously gross stories posted on it. I never realized how much it REALLY does pay to be a good customer and a good tipper. Take a look.


  1. Uggh. It's SO disgusting. I just can't read it. All the antics, I think, invalidate any complaints they have. I was in the business for years and my policy was to just move on after an asshole tried to get me to react. NEVER, never once did I do something disgusting to their food and out of 30+ waiters at the joint, I never heard of them doing anything either.
    These people are not well. They need to be in another business. Maybe the media? Publishing?

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    1. re: barbara ryan

      I've tried to get to this site but keep getting the message " the server does not respond " ?

      1. re: Gene
        Michele Cindy

        Try going in manually to just don't do it while your eating!

      2. re: barbara ryan

        But if even ten percent is true.........

        1. re: Bob W.

          It's just a bunch of urban myths.......I hope!

          1. re: andy lynes

            I think not. If you examine some of the stories closely, you'll notice typos, major english errors, etc. These seem, to me, to be the mark of unhappy, uneducated servers whose agression can only be relieved by the hideous acts performed. These people are seriously ill and need to find other jobs and good therapists. True, there's burn-out in all industries but how many of them actually handle your food? Im appalled and sickened by that site. And sadly, I don't believe they're urban legands. One can only pray and continue to be nice-as-pie to your waiter.

      3. It's written by a guy - I guess he's doubly bitter (about being a waiter and about being a guy!)

        1. Maybe I should post this on BitterWaitress but a friend of mine waited on John Elway a few years ago at Red Lobster( i know there arent many good seafood places in Denver but Red Lobster?) and he drank about 12 of those big schooners of beer, chained smoked all night, had a 200.00 tab and left a 10.00 tip. I heard from others that was a good tip from him.

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          1. re: Eric
            David Jacobson

            Scottie Pippen is known around Chicago as "No tippin' Pippen"

          2. The original comment has been removed