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Mar 21, 2001 02:39 PM

Raw milk and unpasteurized cheese update?

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Does anyone know the current status of the proposed ban and/or regulations that caused such a controversy late last year? It's a wonder that the recent mad cow scare didn't make this a hot topic once again.(re: use of imported sheep for some cheeses who may have been given contaminated feed)

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  1. m
    Melissa Garland

    I just saw on CNN's web site where a flock was seized today and another will be seized possibly tonight.


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    1. re: Melissa Garland

      The sheep were imported from Belgium. Would be interesting to know if they had it there or if it was acquired here. Was it the feed, or is it actually a new virus which can pass like hoof and mouth? Maybe a mutation?

      1. re: Allan Evans

        The sheep probably have scrapie, a disease people have known about for a pretty long time (described many years before we knew about mad cow or C-J), which is basically "mad sheep disease." It's probably caused by the same, or similar prion that causes C-J and mad cow.

        1. re: MU

          Scrapie, though it doesn't pose a threat to humans, is in the same family of disease as BSE, but not the same. No sheep has ever contracted BSE (the B standing for Bovine, after all).
          The carcasses are being sent to NVSL (Nat Vet Serv Lab)in Ames, Iowa. NVSL is pretty much the "last word", so whatever they say the sheep have, they have. This should be interesting.