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Mar 14, 2001 09:05 PM

Knife Storage

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Finally picked up some good kitchen knives which brings up a question.

Counter space being at a premium, I'm intrigued by the idea of the magnectic knife mounts I've seen in others kitchens, but I'm unsure as to whether this method is harmful to the knife's edge.

Any advice out there?

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  1. h

    To add to the question of magnetic knife holders-- how safe are they? What if there are clumsy large and small animals from humans to pets running around? Are there untimely accidents? Are the magnetic knife mounts a set-up for future Darwin awards?

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    1. re: highendpalate

      I used a magnetic knife rack for many years with complete safety. The knives never fell, and if mounted properly the rack should stay on the wall for perpetuity. I cannot comment on how the magnetic knife mount affected the blades because I did not have good quality knives at the time and cutting the air affected the blades adversely.

      1. re: highendpalate
        yvonne johnson

        we have two magnetic strips. very happy with them. cats show no interest in them, and no accidents with humans. i prefer the magnets to wooden blocks, which take up counter space.

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        Patricia Goldberg

        I don't know if this would work for you, but we made, with little cost or fuss, a very satisfactory knife holder by attaching a rather thick strip of wood to the end of the counter. We put a spacer between this and the counter sufficient to let a knives be inserted up to the hilt.

        This put the knives in a convenient place to use, protects the blades, and allows for more storage than we need. Neither cats nor grandchildren have ever gotten into them.

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        1. re: Patricia Goldberg
          Dr. Julius Kelp

          A tempting solution, yes, but not without its perils, as the six stitches in the back of my right hand will attest. We used to store some of our knives that way, until the evening I dropped something on the floor and picked it up, lifting the back of my hand into the blade of a 10 incher. You see, if the hanging blades are exposed in any way there is a very real potential for injury. At least it was I who was hurt and not our then three year old. Our current storage solution is to stack knife blocks. Two right side up on bottom and one upside down upon each of them accomodates about 30 knives with a fairly small footprint.

          1. re: Dr. Julius Kelp

            Your story caused me to rush to the kitchen to look carefully at our setup. I found the tip of our 10-inch blade is 27 inches off the floor and less than one eighth of an inch from the cabinet wall. It would be pretty difficult to run into it accidentally, especially since the storage nich projects out 1 1/2 inches. The difference may be that we have our storage system built flush with the cabinet wall (i.e., there is no shelf overhange). Also, since we made the cabinet top with butcher block, we were able to use the leftover 3 1/2 inch piece of butcher block to form the storage niche. So it is pretty deep.

            However, I agree with you that if there are young ones regularly around, it would be better to keep the knives out of their reach. Thanks for the warning.

        2. j
          Janet A. Zimmerman

          I've useed a magnetic knife holder for several years now and have found it to be perfectly satisfactory. The only time I had trouble with storing a knife on it was a very long bladed boning knife -- the blade was quite thin as well, so it never sat very securely. As I rarely used it, I ended up storing it in a drawer. My other knives (and they're good quality) are all in good shape. You do have to exercise a little care removing the knives from the magnet, but it can be done without harming the edge of the knives.

          1. You should take a look at Professional Cutlery Direct. They have 2 storage systems that should be right up your alley. An under the cabinet rack and a wall mounted rack.


            1. Am I the only one who keeps 'em in a drawer? Am I thereby harming the blades somehow?