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Mar 14, 2001 11:25 AM

wine match quest

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I'm serving spicy Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine (curries, sambal, peanut sauce, mango salad) and was wondering what wines would match with this food?
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks all!

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      Tiger beer from Singapore, if you can find that here.

      (Actually, a riesling might not be so bad; the sweetness will do well against the spicy food.)

    2. Yes, beer would be the beverage of choice with
      those foods but I've also enjoyed Alsacian
      Gerwurztraminer with spicy foods.

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        1. re: Michael

          NZ Sauvignon Blanc often has tropical fruit flavors. Try one from the Marlborough region, i.e. Goldwater, Nautilus or Cloudy Bay.

      1. a bunch of us SF Bay Area folks had dinner at a Singapore Malaysian restaurant a few weeks ago with wines provided by Melanie Wong. My favorites with the food was a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a German Reisling - we had reds too - and they all were good. I also like Calif. Gewurz with this type of food. Melanie's post with the wine names can be found around 2/28 on the Bay Area board "re 2/28 get together"

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        1. re: Celery

          I like alsatian gewurz and riesling with these foods - the NZ Sauvignons could be good too though I like the the sweeter or implicitly sweet whites of Germany (Kabinett on up) best of all. The spiciness and acidity, and the sweetness, of these wines are all a good counterpoint to the sweet and spicy flavors in SE Asian and Chinese food. Actually, if you dont go for beer, any tending to sweet white might be a good choice (stay away from reds, though).

        2. Spatlese Riesling -medium body and sweet.

          1. Some of the newer California Gewurtraminers are amazingly good and complement this type of food well, in my opinion, better than beer. I don't think the sweeter German wines really go well with this type of food, which tends to have a fair amount of its own sweetness. Others obviously disagree, but I think there's a difference between a wine matching (being similar to) the food and complementing it (contrasting in an interesting way), and prefer the latter.