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Mar 8, 2001 03:36 PM

Funny Menu Items/Spellings

  • j

Lauren wrote, in another thread about

"a menu apparently ghostwritten by a frustrated Harlequin Romance author. Items are kissed with/nestled with other ingredients, or else married/in harmony/coupled to perfection with them"


Any flaring knockwursts?

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  1. j
    Jason Perlow

    Jim, seek professional help.



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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      Er, Jason, perhaps you missed that I was punning on the traditional "flaring nostrils" in romance novels.

      Personally, I'd take knockwursts to nostrils anytime.

      1. re: Jim Leff
        Jason Perlow

        Again, If you're reading those novels.... :)

        Yes, I know what youre gonna say... "A lot of people, Including myself, like those kind of novels!"

        I know.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          because I have not replied to either Jim's or Jason's post. From now on I'll post as Tatyana G.

          1. re: Tatyana

            The (now deleted) posting you're referring to was from an old "friend" of the site who's continuing to express his/her unhealthy obsession with

            1. re: Jim Leff

              Oh, OK. For a second there I thought I was losing my mind. Then realised it must have been a troll.

      2. On the English Translation side of a menu in Israel: Various portions of the menu (i.e. what we would call appetizers, entrees, etc.)

        Stuffed portions
        Stuffed portions with additions