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Apr 6, 2004 02:41 PM

Places to eat near HP Pavilion after concert

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Any suggestions for a quick and cheap bite to eat near or around the HP Pavilion in San Jose? I'm looking to eat after a concert, possibly around 10 PM. Open to any cuisine. Thank you!

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  1. I know of only one restaurant close to the Arena that would be open after 10, but I suspect there are others open after 10.

    Original Joes.

    Here is a link to San Pedro Square (SPS). SPS is less than a mile from the Arena. There are several restaurants in SPS, and there are a few between SPS and the Arena


    1. Sonoma Chicken Coop has gotten good reviews (I don't like it, but I make great chicken at home).
      I also don't like Orginal Joes- I think it's overpriced, resting on laurels, tired food.

      So, what do I like for quick & cheap:
      Henry's Hi-Life (not too cheap though)
      Gombei (quick drive, loooong walk)
      Top Dog (behind the university, probably too far)
      Pizza Chicago (I think they might be open)
      Lowery's Coffee Shop (I haven't actually tried just opened; just down the block from Henry's) but they're serving sandwichs & salads...they might be open late for an event.

      Hmmm, anything that's open late in downtown San Jose probably isn't going to be cheap & good (San Jose is really a suberban town- no traces of big city here, unfortunatly). There are some good resturants...just not those that meet your requirements.

      So here are the open late and cheap places:
      Tied House
      The Old Spagetti Factory (foodie gods, please forgive me)

      Sorry, it's the best I can do! Let me if you do find a place!