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Mar 1, 2001 10:39 PM

Chicken Mole - Accompaniments?

  • j

Any ideas on what would be the traditional accompaniments for Chicken Mole? Thanks in advance for any input.

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  1. b
    Brandon Nelson

    Howdy Joe

    I am used to seeing rice and vegetables on the side. I will freely admit that I haven,t had a lot of mole, even though it's a favorite.


    1. My single favorite food. White rice (studded with, say, finely diced carrots and zucchini if you can't bear to serve plain white rice to your guests, but keep it unflavored) and fresh tortillas. Garnish with thin white onion rings and sesame seeds.


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      1. y
        Yolanda Arellano

        When we have Chicken Mole at weddings and baptisms in Mexico, we serve the mole with rice with a tomato sauce (this type of rice is long grain and fried first then boiled on on med-low until rice is tender and the tomato sauce has been absorbed) and accompanied with frijoles and tortillas. What an excellent lunch or dinner.
        Some families add carrots, peas, lima beans, chiles, even cilantro in their rice.