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Feb 27, 2001 02:19 PM

fish with vanilla/lemon sauce

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I went to dinner the other night (my weekly night out with the girls), and my friend Mel had the most amazing fish. It was listed as a 'pecan encrusted fish of the day with a vanilla-lemon sauce.' The fish was tilapia, and was on a bed of rice in a very sweet, aromatic sauce. It was almost like 'dessert fish', and we all said it sounded odd, but it was honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten. Has anyone heard of this? Or, more to the point, does anyone have a recipe? I searched the web and found a lot of 'fish with vanilla' combinations that seemed to be Tahitian in origin, but no recipes that looked similar. I'd love to know how to recreate it, even though I'm afraid I may have a heck of a time getting my husband to even try it. (He's a traditionalist where food is concerned.)

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  1. i have a talented friend who once made me scallops in vanilla sauce and i absolutely SWOONED. it was really just a bechamel or cream sauce with a couple tablespoons of vanilla. you don't need much. then beautiful, barely cooked scallops and the whole thing over pasta.

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      I LOVE fish (particularly shellfish) with vanilla. You could probably add lemon to any recipe with fish & vanilla, adding a little sugar to balance, and it might approximate what you had. Just figure out how you'd make the sauce WITHOUT vanilla, and add a little extract (start small, and keep tasting as you add more).