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Feb 26, 2001 10:03 PM

Emeril gets a sitcom

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From USA Today:

"NBC hopes Emeril will sizzle in sitcom Chef Emeril Lagasse has made lots of fans in recent years cooking things up on cable's Food Network, where he just taped his 1,000th show, and appearing weekly on ABC's Good Morning America.

Now NBC thinks a family sitcom, Emeril, starring Lagasse as a TV chef with a family, might work.

The network has ordered a pilot from Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth Thomason.

Joy Behar, a member of ABC's The View, is being eyed as Lagasse's pushy producer in a show described as Home Improvement meets Seinfeld."

Just wanted to share.



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  1. I'm an Emeril fan. I know some foodie's critize him. But, he has converted alot of food wantabes into amateur chefs.
    However, enough is enough. He has already taked over prime time on the TV Food network. Gag me with a ladle.

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    1. re: Shoeman

      Gag me with a BIG ladle! Emeril is at his best (a questionable best IMHO) when he can be silly in front of an adoring audience that is willing to accept his ineptitude as cute. A sitcom audience will cut him no such slack.

    2. According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Urich is playing Emeril's best friend and manager on the new show. I hope it's a hit!

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      1. re: Steve

        Robert Urich and Emeril shoulod make a good pair. Robert loves cooking.

        1. re: Evan

          I hate to be a spoilsport but this
          show seems to me to be destined for
          failure. Emeril has gotten way, WAY
          too much exposure already. He's
          on The Food Network every three or
          four hours 24 hours a day. Do we
          really need to see him ham it up
          in a sitcom as he does on Emeril
          Live? (With Robert Uhrich and
          Joy Behar? Pulleeease!)

      2. According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Urich (Spencer for Hire, Vegas, Lonesome Dove) and Emeril will be starring in a new show on NBC. Knowing that Robert loves cooking, it looks like the perfect person to play Emeril's best friend and manager.