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Feb 23, 2001 02:00 PM

cocido help

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Does anyone know of a good recipe for this soup? I love it, and want to try making it at home, but am not sure how to begin. Another thing is that I don't see it very often (if ever) on a menu. Any ideas why?

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  1. Could you share with an uninitiated 'hound what cocido is? New to me. Thanks.

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      Cocido is a Mexican soup made with beef and vegetables (squash, corn cobs, cabbage) served hot and with tortillas (to dip in the broth or grab some of the meat). I've seen people squeeze either lime or lemon into their soup before drinking it too. Sadly, that's all I know. If someone could enlighten me further, I'd appreciate it!

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        What you're describing sounds like what is called "Caldo de Res" here in Yuma, AZ. The restaurants here do it with beef neck bones (or sometimes shoulder), beef stock, and veggies (usually corn on the cob, big chunks of squash and carrot, cabbage, onions). It's always seemed like a pretty straightforward beef soup. The beef isn't browned and I've never noticed chilies in the stock. Does this sound like what you've eaten?

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          I forgot to ad that it is usually served with chopped fresh onions and cilantro and lemon wedges. The lemon is squeezed into the soup and the onion and cilantro just dumped in. Here most people eat it with flour tortillas, but corn tortillas could also be used.

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            Yes! Sounds very similar (we had lime instead of lemon). I'll do a search on that as well. Thanks!

    2. I just entered "cocido soup recipe" into "Search" and came up with more recipes than you can handle. Apparently it's a national dish of Spain with many, many variations. A Mexican restaurant, therefore, might not have it.

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        Yolanda Arellano

        This dish is served in Mexico but not by that name. It is another type of mole de res. Tell them you want a soup that has a chile sauce. The chile in this dish is made with dried guajillos. I make it every sunday for my husband.
        We make ours with beef short ribs and meat with no bones or fat(for me)we also cook our vegetables apart from the meat. In my husbands state of Tlaxcala we use carrots, potatoes and squash. However we do cook the corn on the cob together with the meat and some onions.
        The guajillo is soaked then put in a blender with some onion, garlic and salt. Blended and strained into the soup. After the chile & beef stew have come to a boil the vegetables are strained and added to the stew along with some cilantro and allowed to stew for about 10 minutes longer. Don't forget to season with salt as you go or the taste will not be multilayered. Yes you do squeeze a lime over this also.
        Each state in Mexico has a different way of preparing this and also use different meats.