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Feb 6, 2001 10:39 AM

Kraft Mac & Cheese - why margarine not butter?

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OK - all the posts about secret spam lovers has helped me to admit in public that I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. I've done without for four years because I've been too embarrassed to ask guests to bring it.

I searched high though Waitrose and low through Tesco. But my descriptions to supermarket folks (it's macaroni with a little packet of nuclear orange powder) drew looks almost as blank as when I asked for non-dairy whipped topping (but that's another story).

Finally - I have found it! Sainsbury's carries it as "KRAFT CHEESY PASTA" and it's in a red box rather than a blue one. But it's the same beloved stuff.

HOWEVER - I had forgotten that the 'recipe' (let's call it the 'just add') called for margarine which I now hate. Why do you think it calls for marg instead of butter - and do you think I can substitute butter? I'm thinking there must be a really good rationale (unless it's just that Kraft makes butter?!)?


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  1. My family would occasionally have Kraft Mac 'n Cheese with dinner when we were feeling lazy and always used butter instead of margarine. So offhand I would say nothing terrible is going to happen if you substitute; in fact, I would say the results would be worse if you don't!
    If you're not committed to the hardcore Kraft experience, I'd also recommend adding milk/cream and a fair amount of shredded real cheese. I had the basic, unmodified version a year or so ago at a friend's house, and even with nostalgia factored in it was kind of...bad.

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    1. re: Lauren

      I make it with half and half and some shredded or finely chopped Cheddar, and skip the butter altogether. Don't miss it a bit.

      1. re: C. Fox

        Here's a link to the end-all page of Mac & Cheese info. Make sure to check out the gallery of generic Mac & Cheese boxes. This person obviously cares. deeply.


        1. re: Kat Kinsman

          Hey, the mac and cheese box gallery's home on the Web has moved - new location is

          And don't forget to send me more boxes, everyone!

          1. re: Kat Kinsman

            Thank you for the Mac&Cheese link...boy, you were right...that person does care deeply! Very impressive, if not scary. I applaud enthusiasm wherever it's found.

        2. re: Lauren

          "I had the basic, unmodified version a year or so ago at a friend's house, and even with nostalgia factored in it was kind of...bad."

          Yes...but that's what makes it so....good!

          PS Thanks to the rest of you!

        3. We share a secret shame. but I use butter and can can find no reason for margarine. Anyway it is great stuff.

          1. As I recall, the recipe actually calls for Parkay margarine by name. Parkay is a Kraft product.

            - VF

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            1. re: VF

              Parkay used to be a Kraft product. It was sold to someone else several years ago.

            2. Hi there,

              I know this message is *old* but I did a web search for "Kraft Cheesy Pasta" and this is one of the three entries it brought up.

              It says you found it at Sainsbury's... it will be my next stop! But since the message is a year old, I'm assuming that it's been discontinued... I can't find it anymore, where I used to be able to...

              I miss my blue-box macaroni and cheese and its twin brother, red-box Cheesy Pasta.

              They were both the cheesiest.


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              1. re: Karma
                The Philosopher

                I've been looking for this heavenly pasta as well but can't find it.
                If anyone knows where I can locate these heavenly tubes of pasta please let me know!!

                ps- I found a packet recently in 'All Days' (South England - UK). It was more expensive than Soctland so thought I might be able to get them a little cheaper in a supermarket down here if anyone has any ideas?!

                1. re: The Philosopher

                  In the meantime, you might try this recipe -- it's Alton Brown's "improved" version of stovetop mac&cheese. It looks like it would have a lot of the same flavor.


                  1. re: dtremit

                    I heartily recommend this recipe - it's tastier and easier by a long shot than the typical bechamel-based homemade mac&cheese (and of course probably much less healthy). it's frequently requested in my household.

                  2. re: The Philosopher
                    doris tay and curly sue

                    we love cheesy pasta too! But are lucky enough to have safeway in Canterbury that sells it for a mere pound. If you want to send me some money i'll get you some as i'd love to spread the cheesy pasta love!

                    1. re: doris tay and curly sue

                      I LOVE Kraft Cheesy Pasta but for some reason shops in Milton Keynes appear to have stopped selling it. I have searched Sainsbury's, Safeway (Morrisons) and Tesco and no-one stocks it. Any ideas or anyone from MK know where I can find it??

                      1. re: doris tay and curly sue
                        Mr Cheesy Pasta

                        I have a stash of Kraft Cheesy pasta. How much would you be willing to pay?

                  3. I'm am very upset. I too am a Kraft Cheesy Pasta lover and I can't find it ANYWHERE, not even sainsburys.

                    Please help????????????????