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Jan 30, 2001 08:47 PM

Online restaurant guides: NY Times writer seeks guidance

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I'm doing a story for the N.Y. Times's E-Business special section about online restaurant guides, like Zagat online,, own New York Today -- and of course Chowhound.

Generally these are Web sites where you can find capsule reviews of restaurants, with phone numbers and addresses; or more interactive message boards like Chowhound's. Some have extra added gewgaws, like Palm Pilot compatibility.

I'd welcome any info and anecdotes about these and other sites, either here or directly to my e-mail address. My article is NOT confined to New York; any site anywhere is fair game, though I probably won't have space or energy to mention them all.


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  1. The Chicago Reader restaurant finder is a pretty neat feature, although it suffers from the Zagat-syndrome. The reviews are culled from reader comments / reviews, and the ratings are presented as an average of all ratings received. But it's pretty exhaustive and editing seems pretty savvy.

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      David Corcoran

      I'll check it out. Some people have also responded to me, very helpfully, by e-mail. Thanks to all. David